SNL’s Epic Take-down of Donald Trump

America watched in horror as Donald Trump declared in the Third Debate that he might not accept the election results.  More recently, Trump doubled down on that declaration, saying that he would respect the results if he won!


It’s hard to think about all the reasons that Donald Trump as President would be a disaster for this country.  The fact that Sarah Palin was invited to attend the debate as Trump’s guest, is a clear indication of his lack of intelligence, ethics , knowledge of world affairs, respect for other races and cultures, and total lack of moral fortitude.  As the election draws closer and America endures painful doses of Donald Trump, we are blessed with SNL.  Thank God for helping us laugh about the end of this nightmare, knowing we will wake up on November 10th, and we won’t see Donald Trump picking out the perfect shade of gold for his new house.




5 thoughts on “SNL’s Epic Take-down of Donald Trump

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  1. SNL is comedy gold and provides much appreciated relief for us right now. Can we imagine how it will be revered throughout the annals of time?

    My take is that The Donald might become much more embarrassingly hilarious as that seems to be the case with Simple Sarah’s screwy episodes.

    “How in the HELL did THAT happen?”
    Common denominator.


    1. laurensd1,
      What many people remember about Palin was Tina Fey’s impersonation. We can only hope for the same about Trump and BAldwin. I’m hoping after the election is overt hey’ll have a show featuring Fey and Baldwin!


  2. I find it funny, by her own admission, that Palin had to wait outside of the arena until the “cool” people were in, and the debate had already started by the time she took her seat. So much for her VIP status!

    Also too, she said she feels “empowered.” Empowered how, exactly? That she was even invited? She made no headlines; she’s nothing! Shaking her aging wares for a TrumpTV bid? Now, that I would believe!

    I hope Alec Baldwin is nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Trump. He has been spot on since SNL brought him in!


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