You’ve Been Challenged!


The 10 From 10 Challenge is a charitable vehicle to fund the research of the only physician in the world to identify a treatment that prolongs the life of A.L.S. patients(typically by two years), and improves the life of M.S. patients.  Dr. Karussis is a Greek Doctor, practicing in Israel, treating patients from around the world who suffer from ALS or MS. Dr. Karussis, the Rock Star of Stem Cell Therapies,  has received international recognition for his revolutionary treatment of both MS and ALS patients, using the patient’s own stem cells from a bone marrow extraction. Mass General has replicated and verified his incredible results.

The urgency now is to bring this revolutionary research and treatment to patients around the world.  Please help by accepting the challenge.  For a mere $10.00 you can give hope to patients who had none.

To learn more, or accept the challenge, go to the web site:


5 thoughts on “You’ve Been Challenged!

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    1. truga,
      Yes! I have had MS for 17 years and so far I’ve had three spinal infusions! They are using my own stem cells so there is little risk. I didn’t expect immediate (less than 24 hours) but I realized amazing improvement. My walking is still bad but many other problems have gotten much better! I had tried many medicines with no effect. This is the only thing that has made a difference. The amazing thing is that his results with ALS patients are remarkable. Dr. Karussis has done whatno other physician in the world has done! This is the future of treatment for neurological diseases, and perhaps even spinal cord injuries.


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