Sarah Palin Invites Pastor Muthee to “Make a Way for Donald”



Just kidding.  Sarah doesn’t go to church, so any pull she had with Pastors is gone.

The last time Sarah was in church she was accepting a blessing from Pastor Muthee, who was famous for the number of witches he found in Africa.  That was the last time we have found video footage or a single picture of Sarah at church.  Yes, it was 2005, when Pastor Muthee prayed “make a way for Sarah.”  That happened when Sarah was mayor of Wasilla.  That was before she became Governor, Vice Presidential candidate, loser of the 2008 election, quitter of the office of Governor, Grandmother of 4 or 5 children whose parents were not married at the time of conception, undefeated, expert in American history and Paul Revere in particular,wife of a pimp, victim of a blood libel, leader of family brawlers, mother in law to a man who speaks out about Trump’s failure to respect Gold Star families, ex-Fox News commentator, ex-reality show host, ex-person-being-considered-to-host a new reality show “Sarah Rules”, and champion of Donald Trump.   Sarah actually credited Pastor Muthee, and his prayer over her, as the reason she enjoyed the success she did winning the election in Alaska.


So perhaps Sarah should find Pastor Muthee …wherever he is….and ask him to “make a way for Donald.”

The important considerations are:

  1. Donald doesn’t have a religious figure in his life.
  2. If Sarah ever had a religious figure in her life, she hasn’t seen him in at least 8 years.
  3. Trump has recently reached out to Sarah, inviting her to the last debate.

Maybe Trump realizes that he,like John McCain, needs a “hail mary” pass.  It didn’t work out too well for John McCain when he tapped Sarah for a running mate, but maybe Trump can just call upon her to get him the blessings he needs.  Maybe Pastor Muthee could make a way for Donald.  Maybe Hillary is a “nasty woman” because she’s a witch!


Maybe Pastor Muthee could cast a spell on Hillary and cause her to lose the election.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton maintains her commanding lead in the race to win the Electoral College, according to the latest States of the Nation project results.  In the last week, there has been little movement. Clinton leads Donald Trump in most of the states that Trump would need should he have a chance to win the minimum 270 votes needed to win. According to the project, she has a better than 95 percent chance of winning, if the election was held this week. The mostly likely outcome would be 326 votes for Clinton to 212 for Trump.

Trump refusal in the last debate to respect the outcome of the election was shocking.  His recent pronouncement that he will accept the election results only if he wins sounded like something out of a Monty Python sketch.



If I am like most Americans, I will be at the polls to cast my vote on the first day of early voting.  Whatever limitations Hillary has, she is vastly more fit to be our President than Trump.  While Trump is completely unfit to be our next President, the fact that he lacks any respect for women is sufficient to incentivize every woman in the country to rush to the polls.  The same could be said of Hispanics, Blacks, the Disabled, educated white males, and every person in America who wants to prevent a nuclear holocaust.


When you go to bed tonight, and say your prayers, pray that Americans make a way for Donald Trump to lose the election and move to Russia to live out his final years with his comrades.





2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Invites Pastor Muthee to “Make a Way for Donald”

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  1. The irony of a religious institution having become its’ very own country – Vatican City – How is a religion a country? Beyond whose borders all is hidden in plain view.
    There’s no conspiracy – it’s very real.


    1. Vatican as a country, why yes. Even worse, the most powerful, most solvent, richest bank in the world? The Vatican Bank. It’s full of good stashed by countries during the wars of the past centuries. Also holds countless historical artifacts. In WWII The Vatican had Gan. Rommel chasing all over Ethiopia trying to retrieve a ring and documents held by their Emperor, Haile Selassie, documenting his lineage back to Solomon and King David.


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