Favorite Pictures of Donald Trump Going to Church

These are my personal favorites:

13 thoughts on “Favorite Pictures of Donald Trump Going to Church

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  1. Malia —
    Did you mean to have no link to any photos? The absence of photos or videos (other than at campaign stops) would be an accurate depiction of Trump’s so-called christian values.

    When I try to google articles to identify which church Trump supposedly attends, I get a reference to a church he USED to attend. My favorite quote from him regarding his attendance is: “Well, I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there’s a major occasion. And during the Sundays. I’m a Sunday church person. I’ll go when I can.” http://www.christianpost.com/news/49797/#DvWmUgM5lwr4kYZl.99
    This is the best evangelicals can get behind for president?

    His recent mistake of trying to put money into the communion plate instead of into offertory plate is the same kind of ignorance that caused him to utter “Two Corinthians.” His church-going like all the rest of his claims is a sham.


  2. Great one!!! I knew the page would be blank when I saw the headline. Why do Christians support this godless idiot.
    Now you need to show Mike Pence attending Women’s Rights meetings.


    1. aj,
      If I find a picture of Mike at a woman’s rights convention, maybe I’ll find a picture of his wife selling towel-charms.


    1. 6thSD,
      It’s like the far right has forgotten that the fundamental guiding principle of their party was a strong Christian candidate! Instead they found the total anti-Christ who is perverted and the most uncharitable person I’ve read about.


  3. I remember that day in church. It was the day after never.

    I remember the last time Todd went to church. He was hit by a lightning bolt. He had a good day grabbing some change and ones and fives. It was like a Sarah pack meeting only that everyone was alive.


  4. Indeed. zero. The recent photos of don in attendance with religious leaders make him look uncomfortable and small. We witness a man whom failed his family as their leader. He has created a stench around his legacy, and have continued the sorry generational narcissist mental illness another 2 generations. Let us hope that Donald and family find something that will help them become more human and kind in near future..

    There will be some good coming from this election. Awareness. Etiquette, manners and morals begins at home. And then continues in our public school system and carried into society.

    We must control and regulate all infrastructure, media, gamers, ancestry sites, communication corp. and international commerce. Global cyber Terrorist are like cockroaches.

    It must be made clear to our adult citizens and young that abuse of any kind is not acceptable from anyone. Ever. We must treat each other with respect. We must place strict vetting of candidates at any level before they even campaign. We must simplify and secure our voting in all united states using same method and procedure.. We must secure our infrastructure and grid.. We must identify the corrupt. Fund mental healthcare and inpatient facilities again. Remove private prisons, Remove private school vouchers. Take money out of healthcare, education and elections. Strengthen, Secure and Shine America 2017.


      1. Evolve? That ain’t gonna happen. GOPers don’t believe in evolution. If Prince Reebus dares to say otherwise, there’ll be another monkey trial. Presided over by that unfair Mexican judge. Broadcast on Trump TV most likely.


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