Alaska Becomes Part of the Lower 48 so Sarah Will Be Closer to Trump!

It was January 19th that Track Palin was arrested for domestic violence.  That didn’t interfere with his mom’s plans to appear in Ames Iowa to endorse Donad Trump.  Ames is 3344 miles from Wasilla.




It was March 14th that Sarah was to appear in The Villages, Florida for Trump when Todd was hospitalized for...snowmobile injuries.  Fortunately, Todd was transported to help by someone who remains a mystery.

Sarah did not appear at the Republican National Convention to promote Donald Trump.  Her absence was noticeable because of her previous appearances for Trump and her notoriety arising from being tapped by John McCain.  Donald was quick to explain Palin’s absence.  Alaska was just too darn far away.   The Republican Convention was in Cleveland Ohio.  Cleveland is 3891 miles from Wasilla, over 500 miles further than Ames.

palin crazy glasses


The third and last debate was held in Las Vegas.  Wasilla is 3340 miles from Las Vegas.  That means Las Vegas is four miles closer to Sarah’s home than Ames Iowa and over 500 miles closer than Cleveland.  Sarah was invited by Trump to attend the debate.  She did.



Speculation is rampant.  Why did Trump invite Sarah and Todd Palin to the debate?  Possible explanations include:
  1.  Trump wanted to generate additional revenue for the Trump hotel in Las Vegas.


2.  It was really a trip to give Todd a chance to hire some new employees.


3.  Sarah confused the date Bristol and Dakota got engaged.  She planned a surprise anniversary party for them.   Sarah forgot they broke off that engagement.


4.  Donald Trump knew he’d lose the election in November, and he

(a) wanted someone to blame and Sarah was a believable reason,

(b) wanted to distract the media from reporting on crazy things HE said,

(c) wanted to join the Undefeated crowd,


(d) all of the above.

5.  Donald Trump heard his buddy was going to be in Las Vegas, and he wanted Putin and Palin to meet.


6.  Melania had a photo shoot and Todd wanted to watch.


7.  Palin convinced the elected officials of Alaska to move the state.


6 thoughts on “Alaska Becomes Part of the Lower 48 so Sarah Will Be Closer to Trump!

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  1. Malia – Good one!

    The Wasilla loon appeared at the debate with her purse handler toad. She was shaking hands and kissing people like she was relevant. The only reason she showed up was 1) she and the toad wanted a few days away from AK; 2) Trump paid her and toad’s round trip airfare and Las Vegas accommodations; 3) she is kissing Trump’s ass for a cabinet position; or 4) she wants a job working for Trump’s news channel.

    I couldn’t believe Trump and the things he said during the debate. He called Hillary a “nasty woman” – after he said he respects women. Never in all the years I have voted have I ever seen a more hateful, ugly, arrogant, vengeful jackass run for POTUS. It is scary!


  2. Malia,
    Sarah loves to get a free trip, but especially to Las Vegas where you can gamble and drink alcohol like crazy. Is she still a Christian? Christians aren’t supposed to gamble or drink alcohol. And what is with the enormous amount of make up that she has on?? She is a fake inside and out.


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