10th Woman Speaks Out About Inappropriate Touching; Sarah Palin Silent

A 10th woman has gone public with accusations against Trump.  Sarah Palin remains silent about the outrageous behavior of the man she’s endorsing for President.

Herman Cain had fewer accusers than Trump, but Sarah Palin spoke out about his indiscretions.   She said: “character counts”.  She explained that “boys will be boys but they shouldn’t run the country.”




She is noticeably silent about the allegations against Trump.  It is astonishing that someone who purports to be so religious would tolerate this type of behavior!




19 thoughts on “10th Woman Speaks Out About Inappropriate Touching; Sarah Palin Silent

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      1. Yet Malia doesn’t know her. If she did, she’d be bff with her. Sarah is a loving, funny, tenacious lady who shows remarkable strength after watching mentally ill liberals slander her innocent family members (many of whom who’ve never lived remotely public.)


      2. MaizeyAlicia, every single member of the family was on Sarahs tv show. Sarah, Bristol and Todd have been on separate tv shows. Willow was the co-star of Bristol’s life’s a trip abomination. It doesn’t he more public than that, lunatic.


    1. Maizeoats…looks like Alicia changed her screen name again. I love how she criticizes people for stalking about people they don’t know, while talking about people she has never met like she’s an expert. Crazy bitch needs new heros.


  1. Sarah’s husband is a retired PIMP for crying out loud. You really thought she would defend the women? She KNEW her husband was abusing women by prostituting them out! Plus sarah slept with todd’s best friend. Just like trump have to fk everything THAT MOVES! She could care less about those women.


    1. TigerW”onderingWTF,
      I know that Todd moves a little slower sincehis accident. Maybe he’ll bring Track into the business. He already has experience with abusing women!


      1. Why are you slandering a good man and father who’s never lived publicly? Seriously Malia, I worry about your mental health and how easy it is for you to invent lies.


      2. Maize, did you forget he was first spouse of Alaska? Did you forget the Alaska show? Stars earn stripes? Do you have brain damage? Are you willfully ignorant? Is this what happens when gryphen blocks you?


    2. Maizeoats is Alicia manglesdorf, a loon with a restraining order against her. Lives in Florida , but acts like she’s an Alaskan insider and that the Palins are not attention hungry fame whores, but private citizens who desperately want to be left alone.


  2. Sarah is silent about Drumpf, yet she endangered Joe McGiness with her false accusations – that he was peeking into Piper’s bedroom.
    She is a fool nonpareil.
    Thank You Malia for what you do.


    1. Miss Demeanor,
      Your observation re Palin and McGinnes is a good one, and a perfect example ofPalin doing whatever suits her purpose.


  3. She also hasn’t brought up the new woman who’s accusing Bill of multiple assaults.

    And she didn’t endanger Joe M, who is a lir (to be fair, it’s not his fault people lied to him. But it’s his fault for writing a bizarrely fictional book pretending he and Sarah share a brain and think the same thoughts.)

    Liberals are terribly jealous sarah had a great childhood and has a good, close family.


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