Hillary to Threaten Trump Tonight; We Are Stuck in the Middle

As we watch the debate tonight, look for Hillary to gig Donald Trump about which he is sensitive or vulnerable.  While the number of things Trump is sensitive to are vast, it may be entertaining to see what Hillary will choose.  It could be something so innocuous as the size of his fingers.



Clinton to the left, Trump to the right, and we are stuck in the Middle.

6 thoughts on “Hillary to Threaten Trump Tonight; We Are Stuck in the Middle

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  1. Interesting look at the ethics of analysis. What the reporter ignores is the fact that a mentally unbalanced, thin skinned person could have control of enough weaponry to turn earth into a radioactive wasteland. You want to expose the behavioral defects before he gets near the weapons.


  2. 20 days, Last debate and we must put our future president on stage with a predator and abuser. She should show all women tonight how to defend against a large boar………Mace on a rope, and let him have it. Mr Wallace best control the boar.


      1. Yes. And it was just reported that his special special guest tonight will be our sara. That tea rump is a real ass.


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