Fraud, Cover Up, and Coercion by Secret Service-FOIA Case Settled



The media covered the multitude of outrageous acts by Secret Service agents.Even though the Court in my FOIA case ruled that there was no “Public Interest” in the case, the story was picked up by over 40 different sites.  The story made the front page of the Metropolitan Section of the Dallas Morning News.    Dave Leiber, the author of the story indicated that the on-line version of the story received 170,000 unique views the first day the story was published.  That was his most viewed story, thus far this year.  Yet because the Court denied my request for attorney fees, and dismissed the DHS and Secret Service from the suit, I was forced to appeal his decision.  The case was still open in the District Court because the Office of Inspector General was still a party who has not been dismissed.


Because the Court denied my request for attorney fees, and I had already incurred over $100,000 in attorney fees, I was unwilling to expose myself to additional fees.  Even though I had not practiced law in over 20 years I re-activated my license last year, in the event I should have to represent myself in this Federal Court case.  As an attorney I had a general understanding of the rules that applied and perfected notice of appeal to the 5th Circuit.  I also handled the mediation of the case in the District Court , and negotiated the settlement.  The average person would never have been in a position to appeal the case or bring pressure on the attorney for the government in the mediation.  The truth was the the OIG, who was still a party to the District Court case had previously been ordered to produce all responsive documents by the end of April of 2016.  The OIG, in violation of the Court Order, was producing documents sporadically.  The OIG indicated its best estimate of the time necessary to produce the rest of the documents was 13 more months.  Not only was that an admission of a direct violation of the Court Order, it seemed outrageous when the documents in question had been requested over 4 years ago and the FOIA required the government to produce documents within 20 days.

The reality is that even though the OIG was clearly in violation of the Court’s Order, and even if the Court issued another order requiring production of documents, there was no reason to believe that the OIG would act any faster than in response to the previous order.  Because the Judge had previously denied my request for attorneys fees, it was likely that any relief would have only come after another year or more waiting for a decision by the 5th Circuit.


When the government offered to pay my attorney fees, it seemed that recovery of my fees, and limitation of further time devoted to litigation was unwise, so long as the government was willing to make some admissions regarding the documents requested.   The case has been settled.  My attorney fees were paid.  Once again the Dallas Morning News featured a front page article in the Metro section of the paper regarding the story, even though the public had no interest in the story.  I guess the editor of the Dallas paper knows that people don’t read the front page articles of the Metro section.  People simply buy the paper to line their litter boxes and other receptacles for  animal excrement.

Before the case could be settled, I required to the government to make a few admissions.  While I will report in greater detail on the effect of these admissions in the coming days, I will list the admissions that were made by the federal government through the Office of Inspector General.

  1.  David Chaney was employed by the Secret Service through August 31, 2012.
  2. The statement David Chaney gave to Merek Schaefer regarding the allegations made by Shailey Tripp, and which pertained to her pimp Todd Palin, was given June 6, 2012.
  3. The Washington Post reported that Chaney was no longer with the Secret Service after the Colombia scandal as he “retired under pressure.”  That story was reported on April 19, 2012.
  4. OIG admitted that they had no “non-disclosure” agreements that were signed by the Secret Service agents involved in the Colombia scandal.
  5. OIG represented that it had produced 8923 documents to the USSS to determine “releasability” after the Court had dismissed the Secret Service from the District Court Case.  Thus these were Secret Service documents that the Office of Inspector General had identified as responsive.  Before the Secret Service was dismissed from the case the agency represented to the court that it had produced all responsive documents.  Amazingly, the Secret Service had identified only 4329 documents that they represented that they found that were responsive to my requests.  That  included documents that were redacted in full or in part.  Thus the Secret Service produced less than half of the documents that were identified by the OIG as Secret Service documents that were responsive to my requests, but represented to the Court that it had produced all responsive documents.  By the time these documents were produced by the OIG, the Court had already dismissed the Secret Service from the case.  I filed a motion for reconsideration of the dismissal of the Secret Service based on the production of these documents.  The Court denied the request.

The clear indication is that the Secret Service lied, were coercive , and failed to comply with both the rule of law and Court Orders.  Yet the Secret Service realized NO consequences!  Violation of the FOIA law occurred…repeatedly…with no consequence.  Documents were withheld without justification, and lies were told about the reason for non-compliance.


I am working to provide information regarding this matter to the Oversight committee in Congress.  I have requested an evidentiary hearing to make a record of the outright deception and coercion of the Secret Service.  Congress has documented that Mark Sullivan lied during his testimony regarding .  The same committee has determined that the FOIA system is broken.  HOwever nothing is in the Congressional record to document just how  outrageously corrupt the Secret Service is, or how the FOIA law is abused.  My personal experience is a clear demonstration that the system is not only broken, but taxpayers who try to navigate the system pay a steep price.  We become the victims.  We pay the price.  Ultimately America pays the price …actually and metaphorically.  Taxpayer money was used to pay my attorney fees, the salary of the Justice Department attorney, the District Court Judge, the Federal Magistrate, and the multitude of employees who searched for documents in the FOIA department.   Metaphorically, we pay the price because there is no way to hold government accountable or shine a light on government corruption.

The fact that Donald Trump is a candidate for the highest office in the land is one of the most obvious consequences of the American public being fed up with our government.  People are mad.  It is their anger that Trump has tapped into.  Neither taxpayer anger or candidates like Donald Trump and the answer.  The answer must be Congress mandating accountability in every branch of government.  The Secret Service and FOIA Offices would be a great place to start.

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
Ronald Reagan


“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”
Edward R. Murrow


“The greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonorably, foolishly, viciously.”
Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

I consider myself a patriot, and our country has already behaved dishonorably, foolishly, and viciously!

12 thoughts on “Fraud, Cover Up, and Coercion by Secret Service-FOIA Case Settled

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  1. Malia!

    I am so proud that I have the privilege of knowing who you are and what you have accomplished with this selfless endeavor.
    Taking this to the oversight committee is letting these people know that we the ultimate payors, do not quit.

    No Donald. No Sarah.. and those far too numerous to mention.
    We do not quit.
    We have Malia and people with real outrage and anger turn it into American courage through the channels that are provided overcoming insurmountable odds.

    That is something.
    Holy shit.
    I damn near worship you!
    Keep going.


    1. laurensd1,
      Don’t worship me! I’m a person like everyone reading, just in a situation that I have the resources to make a difference!


  2. It has to make you mad that this election comes down to Trump VS the most duplicitous human being in the world (abundance of proof). And that it’s been proven that Hillary’s team has the media by the balls and it reports what she wants. After her family’s Haiti scandal, Chelsea using multiple, anonymous emails with big donors, and the way this Yemen war has been ignored, I expect you will have a ton to write about with President HRC. Obama has had a ridiculously secretive administration: you know that. Jon Stewart knows that. We all see that. It will get worse with a robot at the helm. And with a master manipulator like Bill, who I’m sure has loads of blackmail, whoa.


  3. I am glad to hear you have gotten your laweriey license back. I was wondering if you could help be get out of a little situation.

    Todd was playing a prank on me. He made me swallow a bunch of balloons and carry a bag on a flight back to the us.

    Let me tell you the Colombian judge was not happy I had a bag of blood diamonds on me. Todd told me not to tell him about all the balloons of cocaine I swallowed.

    Now when I move around a ballon or two pops. I feel like Sarah on a Saturday night.

    Well let me know if you can lawyerly do somthing.

    And it looks like getting someone to admit Todd is a pimp is a very very interesting development


    1. Painchipeater,
      As long as the balloons are latex, the law allows Todd to make you swallow them, regardless of their content. the real problem is when he starts asking you to swallow mylar balloons! Those suckers are dangerous to your health…lead poisoning or something. These are the ones Todd’s been using to advertise his girls. His favorite thing is to tie them to his car with the “Tripp” license plate and drive down the highway between Wasilla and Anchorage with Sarah hanging her head out the window feeling the brisk Alaskan air in her face.


  4. You’re a wonderful person Malia and thank you to infinity and beyond for your incredibly hard work!

    It makes me ill that citizen journalists have to either/or already have a law degree or have some extra cash on hand ( which you presumably do because of your husband having sold to even BEGIN to launch inquiries into this type of systemic corruption.

    Things are so BROKEN when it costs an individual so much to expose corruption ( and you put in an incredible amount of time and energy not to mention money–times much more given your health situation)– just to bring these things to the surface. Thank you!

    In a reality where it costs $100,000 some dollars to expose something like this, and it costs a billion or more to campaign for President–yikes!

    But thanks again for all your incredible work, Malia.


    1. Wondering,
      It was an incredible journey and I’m not sure if I would have undertaken this if I knew 4 years ago what it would take to uncover this corruption. I still feel that unless I can get a House Oversight Hearing on this corruption that it will be lost in the wide range of stories of government corruption. I’m in touch with the Oversight committee, and hope that they will agree that the conduct of the SecretService is outrageous enough that it is important to uncover the corruption. The reality is that itis costing US taxpayers an incredible amount of money to cover this up. The retirement benefits are the thing they would never give up and you know why. That in itself is the most blatant evidence of corruption. I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, thanks for you support and your kind words!


  5. WOW, just WOW! Tenacity and bucket loads of money are the only way WE THE PEOPLE can demand accountability from the government.

    My brother retired from the Fed Gov (no not from DHS or any of it’s subsidiaries), and I sent him your articles. He did not reply, and has been out of contact for months since then.

    Those who work for any dept in the Fed Gov know that it is corrupt to the bone, but are unwilling to take a stand for fear of retaliation. Might impact their retirement benefits…

    Thank you for your courage in fighting the good fight. Personally, I am glad that some of my tax dollars went to compensate you for the legal fees. I am NOT glad that some other of my tax dollars went to the cover-ups, and ‘retirement benefits’ for the criminals.

    KARMA will eventually balance the scales.


  6. malia, congrats!

    know the frustration of reaching a peak only to look over the top and see another one. keep fighting the good fight.


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