Trump Announces New Campaign Slogan: Pervert for President!

Imagine the report on a candidate for the office of the President of the United States that is vulgar enough that Wolf Blitzer has to warn viewers of the graphic nature of the report!  The words used in this report were “touching my vagina.”  If the words were offensive, imagine the violation experienced by the woman making the report.



If a new reporter were to introduce this video clip with Trump saying he’d go “down on her like a bitch”, or “grab them by the pussy,” the anchor would need to warn viewers as well.


This is the interview with the woman who was assaulted by Trump on a  plane.


This is the interview of the woman who said Trump forcibly kissed her.


This was the interview of the contestant in the Miss Teen USA regarding Trump walking in on the girls while they are nude. Trump admitted he “inspected” the women at the pageant.


Trump’s response was that “My people always say, ‘Don’t talk about it, talk about jobs, talk about the economy,'” Trump explained to his supporters in Greensboro earlier on Friday. “But I feel I have to talk about it because you have to dispute when somebody says something.  Yet there are now 8 women who have come forward, and  Trump has not provided any specific denial regarding any of their accusations.



Yet people, and specifically a woman, still supports Trump, and invoke God’s name as a basis for their support!


An attorney attacks the women reporting Trump’s sexual harassment of them, providing great detail.  The evidence that convinces me that the women are telling the truth, is not simply the sheer number of reports, but Trump’s attack of the women based on their appearance.  He suggests that they are not credible because they aren’t attractive enough to merit his attention.  There will never be a better indication of Donald Trump’s method of evaluating the worth of a woman.

It’s clear that Trump has a long history of making comments about a woman’s appearance as a measure of her worth.

Trump’s son suggests that Sexual Harassment is O.K.

It appears from Trump’s own remarks, that the allegations of sexual harassment must be true.  In the cases of Roger Ailes, Herman Cain, and Bill Cosby it seems that the report of one or two women might be quickly dismissed.  However the more women come forward, the more frightening the allegations.  We begin to believe not only that the allegations are true but that the number of complaints demonstrates a sickness and pattern of behavior that demonstrates  perversion.  Donald Trump is a pervert.  Maybe his new campaign slogan should be “Pervert for  President!”

3 thoughts on “Trump Announces New Campaign Slogan: Pervert for President!

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  1. ‘tRump comments on the women’s looks as though he thinks HE is built like a Greek God!! He is repulsive, troll like, disgusting. Fugly, fugly man. His ONLY attraction and that is only for SOME women, is his money.


  2. Tip of the septic system. Just the Tip. Do you suppose this is don setting up the case for his immunity? and also his mental state and relation to the many present lawsuits of his and many of his friends convicted of rape etc.?
    tRump deplorable organization. The secret silent society attempting to elect the devil.


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