Trump Refuses to Allow His Own People to Vet Him!


Donald Trump must have a history of such outrageous conduct that he won’t allow his own people to investigate him.


4 thoughts on “Trump Refuses to Allow His Own People to Vet Him!

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  1. tRump and his deplorable hacks. His enablers know how dirty he is. Drugged underage girls and boys on orgy island? Really? These nasty old used up Viagra garbage disposals have karma up their prostate and colon.


  2. Malia – When Trump announced he was running for POTUS, the GOP should have investigated him by following the money. He has done some shady deals, has failed to pay contractors, he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, and on top of all of that he has a sleazy past and questionable lifestyle. But, most damning should have been when he refused to release his taxes – and that is where the GOP should have started the vetting process – by following the money!


    1. Sharon,
      …and I totally blame them for letting him get this far without reigning him in! For example , they could have demanded he release his tax returns before the convention.


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