Biden Tells Seth Meyer He’d Rather Debate Sarah Palin than Trump!

Biden didn’t say that Palin and Trump were equally ignorant.  He didn’t say they both lie.  He didn’t say they are both losers.  He did say he’d rather debate Pailn than Trump.



Biden describes Trump’s behavior as “outrageous,” astounding”,    and the “text book definition of sexual assault”.  It is totally believable that Trump took women to dinner in his limo, that he described his sexual encounters with other women and rated them, then made the women walk on a table to exit the booth in which they were seated.  The purpose of making the women walk on the table was to look up their skirts and describe their undergarments or genitals.  While some have denied this claim, it seems totally consistent with previous stories about Trump.  Further, the accuser was very specific in details of who was at the dinner and recounted a story that was new and different than previous allegations of sexual harassment.  If a woman was going to        make up such an allegation, it seems likely that she would simply allege that Trump had done something to her that he’d done to other women.  That would be totally believable.  Instead this report is outrageous enough that it is too strange to be fabricated.  It’s like asserting that Todd Palin’s private part is bi-colored.  It is unusual enough that it seems the person making the report would have asserted something much more ordinary if they were making up a story.


8 thoughts on “Biden Tells Seth Meyer He’d Rather Debate Sarah Palin than Trump!

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  1. The shamefulness of this sexual scandal is that his base is sticking with him and — worse — evangelical leaders are too. Their dislike of abortion ‘trumps’ their dislike of his sexual exploits. This kind of hypocrisy simply makes these so-called Christians as exploitative of women as Trump is.


    1. Soooo, you’re ignoring 2000+ women who’ve screwed Bill, including the ones who are brave and come forward for allegations? I know he’s no longer in political running, but HIllary has said he will be given official duties.


      1. plebiscite,
        I’m not ignoring Bill’s history at all! I’m just saying that if you have to choose between the best of two evils, Hillary is clearly the better”!


    1. sickofshittycommentsbyalicia WTF do you know about circumcision? No sane man will give you the time of day. You have been sponging off of your elderly parents for far too long. You are an entitled, irresponsible brat.


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