Trump Advertises Use of Condoms on National Television While Married

It was an appearance in 1997  on national television when Donald Trump pulled out a condom from his pocket, waved it around in the air, and proclaimed his status of always being prepared to have “safe sex.”


Trump was married at the time.  He married Marla Maples in 1993 and didn’t divorce her   until 1999.  That was around the time that Melania was posing nude for GQ magazine.



In 2000, Melania was photographed in the buff for GQ – one memorable image had her handcuffed to a briefcase on board a private jet belonging to her then boyfriend, Donald.

“We pushed the envelope a little,” editor Dylan Jones says. “[It’s] not exactly the kind of thing we could have asked anyone else to do – and we were surprised she said yes.” Thus Melania  posing nude was a way of Trump advertising his prowess with beautiful women.  His recent denial of his attitude about women is an insult to rational Americans.


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  1. Malia – Even after the “tape” of a week ago, after Trump apologized, and after he bought and paid for 3 women from Bill Clinton’s past to be at the debate, his supporters forgive him and make excuses for him. Trump is a deviate with no morals. Trump has used women as trophies and for sex and gratification. He clearly doesn’t care about women and according to him, all of his accusers are “lying”. He even implied one accuser wasn’t attractive enough for him to have done anything to her 30 years ago!


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