Michelle Obama Expresses Outrage at Trump’s Remarks About Women

9 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Expresses Outrage at Trump’s Remarks About Women

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  1. I think we’re seeing the beginning of the campaign for the first minority female president. Michelle Obama has a strong background, much better than Trump or Bush. Makes Palin look like a drunk, homeless street person.


  2. Who is this chick? She is acting like trump did something wrong.

    People it is time to take a stand or somthing. I think it’s demeaning to say that all chicks can’t take a punch or two. I know of one Todds transvestite hookers who brushed off a chair smashed against her head.

    Sarah is also tough enough. She has been beating the shit out of this guy called mr. Liver with gallons of booze a day for years.

    I think it time to focus on what’s important and learn from our miss steaks. Chicks don’t have to be bear foot a pregnant. I think we can all agree some of them can wear shoes.

    It’s a chicks write to choose what size and color. Trump is also pro shoes choice.


    1. Painchipeater,
      Thank you for saying what needs to be said. Todd’s pro choice, but he definitely prefers choosing those with two colors.


      1. I think we can all come together and respect the bill of writes. Freedom of screech and the write to bear arms are our the constipational writes the four fathers of Sarahs children were founded on. And other big words that make me look smart.

        This election is not about erections and panty grabbing. That was in 2008. This time we all need to make a choice.

        I choose shoes along with Trump because its the write thing to do for woman and winter is coming and its cold as shit outside.

        May todd be with you


      2. painchipeater,
        I think that’s why Trump made the women walk on the table…he wanted to see their shoes not their panties. It was probably that damn lamestream media suggesting that he as more interested in panties and genitals than shoes!


  3. Hey Michelle ….. Remember this past April when you invited rapper Rick Ross to the White House ? Remember when his ankle monitor went off because he’s a convicted felon ? (assault and kidnapping). I wonder if you were “shaken to the core” when you listened to his song ?
    “U.O.E.N.O.” when he sang, “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.”
    How ’bout some of those other “artist” that you invited to the White House such as Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar and Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common.”
    You’re so offended by the words of Donald Trump but you expose your daughters and you provide a National platform to people who sell vulgarity and the promotion of violence to the Youth of our once Great Nation ?
    Michelle Obama you are the very definition of a hypocrite …. You should be ashamed of yourself ….. The Mainstream Media may sing your praises and protect you …. But the truth is the truth…. So please spare me your Righteous indignation !!!!


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