Glen Beck, Palin’s Buddy, Endorses Hillary Clinton!!!!!

Glen Beck is an old friend of Sarah Palin.



Remember when Glen Beck and Sarah Palin launched their “Take Our Country Back Campaign?”



Now Glen Beck, the champion of conservative values has taken the bold step of condemning Donald Trump and endorsing Hillary.  He said:

“It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity,”

 “If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice.”

Since Sarah has maintained her support of Trump, in spite of his outrageous remarks, she is thus supporting the immoral and unethical choice.  Her halo is definitely tarnished.


4 thoughts on “Glen Beck, Palin’s Buddy, Endorses Hillary Clinton!!!!!

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  1. Sarah has been the downfall of the GOP. Now she’s too dumb to show any sense of ethics and bail on Trump. I don’t know how many pairs of expensive, ugly shoes she has consumed sticking her foot in her mouth. As the world’s trailer park, we need to elect her the village idiot.


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