It’s Too Late to Replace Trump!


Carole King knew it was too late to rectify the total disaster of the Donald Trump nomination for President.  She wrote a song about it.  The Republican Party seems intent on finding a way to salvage the election, but its just too damn late.  Business Insider considers the possibility for the GOP if Trump were to drop out of the race.  However it would be magical thinking to believe that Trump would ever voluntarily drop out.  Trump says he’ll NEVER quit.    Yet even if Trump did voluntarily drop out, it seems it is already too late.  Early voting has already begun in at least one state, California.  In California, voters may vote as early as 30 days before the election.    The general election is November 8th, so as of this weekend, it appears that it is already too late for the Republican Party to salvage the race.  The first debate has already occurred, and the second debate is scheduled for tonight.

Polling completed before the “grab her pussy” video surfaced, showed Trump had already fallen behind Clinton in polling averages of Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada. Even if the mogul comes from behind to win all four of those states, he would still need to flip at least one state where Clinton currently leads by an average of more than 5 points to win the Oval Office.

The really funny thing is that Trump’s prospects are likely even more dire than such polling averages suggest. The Republican nominee is relying entirely on his party for voter turnout, a perilous strategy for a candidate whose strongest support comes from non-college-educated white voters — a demographic that votes far less reliably than the suburban white women whom Trump has been alienating.What’s more, while the Republican National Committee has an extensive voter file — and should be able to help turn out the party’s base — they aren’t much use for turning out the independent or formerly Democratic voters who make up a portion of Trump’s polling support.

Every woman I know plans to vote early as a statement that women want to ensure that such a vile creature never gets close to the White House.


There are more female voters in America than men, and women vote more often than men.  Any person running for President of the United States should respect the importance of the female vote.  The anniversary of the 19th amendment will pass before the next Presidential election.  It seems only fitting that Donald Trump will lose the election of 2016 by the greatest margin in history, and will lose the women’s vote by an unprecedented margin.

In case there was ever any dispute about whether Sarah Palin represented the majority of American women, we will see the votes of women in the 2016.  It seems likely that women will resoundingly reject the candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin.


It appears her judgment is fatally flawed when it comes to men.


She seems to be attracted to men who treat women badly, and have no use for women unless they are on their knees.


6 thoughts on “It’s Too Late to Replace Trump!

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  1. Its never to late to get sarah in office. Todd and I have been working all day on a solutiuon to the GOP problem.

    Todd sourced some agent orange from a viet nam guy he keeps around for the social security benefits. The stuff is a little old but let me tell you it dies your skin dead on orange.

    We covered sarah with leather conditionar and dropped her in the vat of agent orange. She came out like a pumkin. Her face did not get enough color so we just carved a pumpkin and put is over her head. It really makes her complexion look great.

    We had the taxidermist shrink her hands. Todd mopped up all of the agent orange that was spilled and made a wig out of it.

    When its all said and done she really looks like a surrogate for trump. We are going to get her prepared for the debate tonight.

    Todd hired one of his dog fight buddies. He has sarah in a cage and is poking her with a stick. She should be ready for the debate. She is forming words and soon sentances.

    She just said “Cand I call you Joe” she also said ” All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

    I think she will be ready. She is limping around with an ax right now. Go sarah go.


  2. What a moment when we view a first female president of the United States of America!
    Thought of that as I had my hands in hot sudsy water doing kitchen cleanup and got very humbled. Still grasping that moment and looking forward to savoring.

    (Also comforted in the fact that Sarah gets no wondrous moments. That is not possible in the universe she inhabits.)
    So there you ice jerkowitz Wasilla punk.


  3. You would think the 1% white males would come out and condemn Trump. His actions give the impression that wealthy males are hounds and misogynists. Power corrupts, and the silence of wealthy men has become deafening. Can we assume they are all a bunch of low life predators?


  4. Early voting began in Minnesota several weeks ago. Most of my friends have already voted. Even though I’ve voted absentee a few times in the past, I like to show up at the poll for the presidential year elections.


  5. The annoying thing, the truly annoying thing, is that Hilary is such an excellent and well-prepared candidate. I believe she’s going to win, and then people will say that she only won because she was running against a disaster of a GOP candidate.


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