Will Sarah Withdraw Her Endorsement of the Pussy Grabber?

Donald Trump has repeatedly made barbaric comments about women.


Trump has also publicly made hateful and disparaging remarks about the disabled.


Trump has failed to invite Palin to any appearances since before the Republican convention last summer.  He explained that Alaska was simply too far away.  Now that Trump has embarrassed Palin directly, and has a long and colorful history of disparaging women, the question for Sarah Palin is whether she will publicly withdraw her support of the Donald.  Even after the Playboy video came to light, Sarah was noticeably silent.

Now that Trump has made a mockery of being influenced by Super PAC money, and disparaged women once again, Sarah Palin is facing a potentially fatal decision.  Either she admits she was wrong to endorse Trump, or she becomes a loser once again, supporting the misogynist, who will inevitable lose the 2016 election.

Trump’s recent pick of  Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager, is an obvious decision that makes it clear that he can be bought.  Kellyane may be bright.  She may be accomplished.  However she is nothing like the women with whom Donald Trump surrounds himself.   Ms. Conway has appeared on multiple news shows on behalf of Donald Trump.  The contrast in appearance between Megyn Kelly and Ms. Conway is dramatic.



Given the beauty queens and models Trump has become associated with, it was hard to understand why he would hire such a homely looking woman as his campaign manager.



Especially after talking about how unattractive Carly Fiorina is, it seemed likely that there was more to the story than Trump’s assessment that Ms. Conway was the best person for the job.


In March, Donald Trump was vehement when he declared during the Republican Debate: Super PACs are a “disaster” and “very corrupt.”  At that time the Mercer Super PAC was supporting Ted Cruz, who seen gazing expressionlessly at him from the next podium. Trump added, “Ted has super PACs, and you have to look at the people that are giving to those super PACs, number one. It’s very important to do that.”

“There is total control of the candidates,” Trump continued. “I know it better than anybody that probably ever lived.”   However after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, the SuperPAC that had previously supported Cruz regrouped and began supporting Donald Trump.  That SuperPAC was created and operated by the Mercer family.  It was the Mercer family that encouraged Trump to hire Kellyanne Conway.  Conway is a Republican pollster who oversaw day-to-day operations of the Mercers’ super PAC through early June, while it backed Cruz and had a different name, Keep the Promise I. In late June, after Cruz’s withdrawal, the Mercers repurposed the group as an anti-Clinton PAC, changing the name to Make America Number 1. Conway departed to join the Trump campaign, a move announced on July 1.

Conway’s association with Mercer and Trump has been profitable.  The Mercer super PAC, Make America Number 1, reported paying Conway’s firm, the Polling Company, more than $950,000 during this election cycle, including roughly $247,000 in August, after she had left to work directly for the Trump campaign.

Thus it is clear that money is more important to Trump than appearance when it comes to women.

Perhaps somebody should have offered to pay Trump not to make barbaric comments about women.

The entire clip is gross and horrifying, even for Donald Trump. Here are some of the choicer quotes from a man who has said that he “would be the best for women”:

 “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”
  • “I did try and fuck her. She was married.”
  • “Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”
  • “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Trump made those comments a few years ago.  However he still uses that type of language:

Donald Trump is a vile disgusting creature and should never be allowed inside the White House, even on a tour.

Trump and Paul Ryan were scheduled to appear at a rally in Wisconsin today.  This may be the true test of Ryan’s future as a leader of the Republican Party.

It will be amusing to watch Sarah Palin’s reaction to her candidate now that all of America sees him for the monster that he is!


If Sarah Palin has any chance of remaining a celebrity she will cut her losses and disavow Trump as the best choice as the next President of the USA.



It has been announced that Ryan would not appear with Trump in Wisconsin, but everyone thought Mike Pence might appear in his place.  However Pence has now refused to appear for Trump,indicating that he too is offended by Trump’s foul mouth.


19 thoughts on “Will Sarah Withdraw Her Endorsement of the Pussy Grabber?

Add yours

  1. We would be the only nation in the world with a leader named President Pussy Grabber. So having been reduced to the world’s trailer park, the United States is headed even lower as the world’s Adult/Porn goods source.


      1. She’d NEVER defend Trump’s comments.

        And the fact that you support Hillary despite how she bullies women to carve her path to more power is disgusting.


  2. Awwww! Not fair! Not fair! Billy Clinton said the same thing and he wasn’t punished! NOT FAIR! ! ! Look for a category 5 temperament tantrum tomorrow night.

    Der Gropenfuhrer was just telling it like it is, without political correctness.
    Or impulse control. Or self-awareness. Or boundaries. Or class.

    Is this the turd that finally broke the evangelicamel’s back?


  3. Meanwhile, over at IM, there’s a grifter pic of brisdull holding the newest baby and she looks just like Piper – there’s no question in my mind that Piper was the pregnant one this time. This crazy just keeps getting more insane each day. Any woman that votes for trump has shit for brains and even if she deserves this disgusting POS, the rest of us do not.


    1. I know you’re kidding, but this obsession stupid people have with imagining pregnancies is weird. Are you jealous no one’s irresponsible?


      1. @sickofshittycomments, Sailor has Joey Junker’s ears, and is walking at 11 months old(born November 4, 2015). Dakota Meyer is a hired ‘beard’ only. Here is more of what is to come about Sarah Palin’s hero Donald Trump:




        Is that enough for you, or do you need more to realize what a sick sexual predator Donald Trump really is?


  4. Malia – Nope, Sarah didn’t undo her endorsement of Trump. She can’t undo it – she sold her soul to the devil when she endorsed Trump. Besides, if she criticized him, the repercussions would be too great. Sarah is desperate and will say whatever it takes to get what she wants. And, she wants a position in the Trump administration if he is elected POTUS. Besides, if Sarah criticized Trump, he might sue her because he is just as vile and vindictive as she is! Sarah would also have to pay back whatever Trump gave her for her endorsement.

    Instead of removing herself from the Trump train, or at least distancing herself from it, Sarah described the comments on the tape as “disgusting, shameful, totally disrespectful ‘locker room’ garbage, privately shared between two Hollywood playboys over a decade ago.” Donald Trump and Billy Bush were not “Hollywood playboys”. At the time of the tape (2006), Trump was married to his third wife Melania and 60 years old. In 2006, the same year as the tape, Melania gave birth to their son, Barron, (born March 2006). Billy Bush was in his mid-30’s and also married. So, these two grown men were not “boys” or “Hollywood playboys!

    Always ready to blame the media or Hillary Clinton, Sarah did just that. She actually said the media frenzy that followed the release of the tape was as “offensive” as Trump’s comments. Really? Then Sarah said other concerns (i.e. the Supreme Court and the economy) are of greater importance than the tape.

    Sarah’s comparisons of the two candidates is also absurd! She described Trump as “offering a bold vision with solid plans to build a stronger, safer, greater America”. Then she described Clinton as offering “tired, sad, unsustainable, illogical ways of the past that will leave our children unsafe, broken and abused”.


    1. Sharon,
      I agree, and if you listen tot he tape Palin cites, it is clear that hillary is not laughing about a child molester, but at the believability of a polygraph.!!!


  5. Malia – Both of these photos are dated October 6, 2016 on Bristol’s Instagram.

    This photo appears to be 11 month old Sailor. Looks like she is ready to take off walking!

    Sailor's #OOTD by Tripp Easton 🐎 my cowgirl!!

    A post shared by Bristol Meyer (@bsmp2) on

    This photo of Sailor with Tripp and Bristol looks like it was taken when Sailor was much younger. Not sure if this is the photo shughes2853 was referencing, but it is the latest one on Bristol’s Instagram.

    Haven’t seen a photo of Track and Jordan’s baby so not sure if he has been born yet. I thought he was due sometime in October.


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