Proof of Lies of Pence and Trump!



It seems hard to imagine that “liberals” are said to make things up with the technology available today to prove otherwise.  Consider this campaign video Hillary has just released that actually shows Trump and Pence telling lies. We can ill afford to elect these candidates to the highest office in the land.  These lies relate to subjects so important as nuclear proliferation.  The fact that they EVER advocated nuclear proliferation is dangerous…frightening…a game changer.  Share this with everyone you know, and encourage them to vote.  If we are to remain a vibrant Democracy it is imperative that Donald Trump never be elected our President.


6 thoughts on “Proof of Lies of Pence and Trump!

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  1. This lie technique, keep lying until they believe it, is getting old. It has been less effective with each election. As more members of the tech generations start voting, it will end. They fact check everything with their phones. Arguments are settled in a minute or less with facts and a source. Too bad political campaigns are so far behind the times.

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  2. Trump supporters DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LIES. As he said he could go out and shoot someone in Times Square and his supporters would still vote for him. It’s too late to change their minds now, you and everyone else are wasting your time posting on the internet. Sad that our country has come to this………


  3. Evangelicals are not supposed to lie repeatedly like Pence did in the debate. How does he justify lying I wonder. Now I read some evangelicals are praying Trump wins, hoping God will kill him, so Pence can be president. Something is askew with their thinking. The world grows stranger by the day. I wonder who the Republicans will put up in 2020?


  4. Er. . .um. . .uh. . .well. . .oops. . . .

    The Donald was just being sarcastic about stuff like nukular bombs. You libbruls just ain’t got no sense of humor, unlike all hard workin’ law abidin’ real Muricans.

    Or maybe Orange was showin’ off his true Christian cred by wantin’ to share nukes with the poor, needy countries. Have fun! Speakin’ of Christian-y stuff, he was goin’ full-on biblical about punishin’ women and excludin’ Mexicans and Muslims. Just like Jesus wouldda done.

    And Putin? His number one bro’s a real leader — unlike that secret Muslim wussy livin’ in the White House. Ya know he’ plannin’ his third term so he can steal your retirement and lock y’all up in re-education/labor camps somewheres in Idaho.

    Mikey was in denial when he should have been loud and proud. Maybe the mic malfunctioned again. It could happen.

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