Painchipeater Reports on Getty Burger King address!

I always enjoy reading comments from Painchipeater, but this one still has me laughing.  Hope you enjoy as much as I !


We did a ton of research on Sarah’s mouth. Todd is funny he was hiding the autopsy report from her last doctors visit. When we found it things became clear.

We noticed she had her throat replaced by a hienna. Let me tell you the taxidermist did a great job.

We are now getting her ready for the next debate after she she gives her Getty burgs address.

We found a chick named Wilma Getty and we could not anyone in Alaska with the last name burg. So Todd came up with a great idea.

We brought Wilma to Burger King and she gave the speech of her life. The Getty Burger King address was her finest.

We did not record it but we are getting a deposition from the cop that maced and arrested her. It’s hard to put in words how she sounded.

The guy who works the fries machine said” I thought someone threw a large dog and refrigerator out a car window at 90 miles an hour.”


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