Palin Weighs in On The Vice Presidential…Shoes?

ST LOUIS - OCTOBER 02:  Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stands during the vice presidential debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate U.S. Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) at the Field House of Washington University's Athletic Complex on October 2, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri. The highly anticipated showdown between the two vice-presidential candidates will be their only debate before the election.  (Photo by Don Emmert-Pool/Getty Images)

Of course Sarah Palin couldn’t resist reminding everyone that she had been involved, once…8 years ago in a Vice Presidential Debate.  Instead of commenting on the issues debated, the performance of Kaine and Pence,or the questions selected by the host, Sarah chose to focus attention on her shoes and legs.  Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook post: “How is it that the dudes lucked out and got chairs over the last 20 years of VP debates minus one? Want a real test – try standing in 👠👠 for 90 mins#heelsonglovesoff

The really amazing thing is that it didn’t occur to Sarah that Hillary Clinton had to stand for 90 minutes during the debate with Trump.  Her shoes didn’t have heels as tall as Sarah’s, but then again Clinton was about 20 years older than Sarah when she debated.  After the Clinton/Trump debate nobody was talking about the fact that Hillary had to stand for 90 minutes rather than standing.  Nobody was focused on the shoes of either candidate.


Everyone was focused on the total decimation of Trump during the debate.

For those watching the debate last night, it was obvious that Tim Kaine was mad.  Throughout the campaign Trump has tapped into the anger of the American people with his incendiary rhetoric.  Kaine was mad at Trump for his attempt to anger the American public with his lies, his outrageous bigotry, his unconstitutional positions, and his dangerous foreign policies including the position that nuclear proliferation would be desirable.

Pence came across and calm and level headed.  Even if you disagreed with his policies, he inspired confidence simply because of his demeanor.  The funny thing is that Donald Trump highlighted the contrast between himself and Pence by Tweeting often during the debate.  While Pence was working to be calm and stay composed on stage, and refuse to respond to Kaine’s allegations, Trump did the opposite.  Trump was responding to the claims of Kaine by sending out hateful and emotionally charged Tweets throughout the debate.  It was a constant reminder that the person on stage who was calm and Presidential in his demeanor was running on a ticket with a man who is emotionally volatile, unstable, and narcissistic.      Whatever good Pence did, the Donald destroyed it.

Here a just a few examples of the tweets the Donald sent out:

: Cannot believe how often the moderator interrupts vs the other guy…so obvious ” So true!

  1. Obama-Clinton FAILED foreign policy: -Bad nuclear deal -Ransom payment to leading state sponsor of terror -Sharing classified info

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  1. Not sure how any type of so called religious person could possibly defend, support or excuse the trump foundation campaign. It is absolutely dangerous to allow this outrageous mentality to influence our youth and young adults. It has already caused serious harm to America and American’s.


  2. I just don’t believe how desperate this idiotic trollop has become. And the supreme irony is that without her Trump wouldn’t be where he is I right now. You’ve probably seen by now that regardless of how well the GOP thinks Pence’s performance was last night the Donald was not impressed. You can’t make this up. I’m waiting for Rod Serling to show up and start flicking ashes! It’s unbelievable and frightening beyond belief that our political discourse has descended into this viciously absurd display. I still find it hard to believe.


    1. Eric,
      I feltt he same way as I watched the debate last night! How many times did Tim Kaine invite Pence to explain or disavow something Trump said?


  3. If you can’t tell when she’s joking (she has a great sense of humor), you do’t know her and probably shouldn’t comment on things she writes.


    1. sickofshittygovernment,
      I’ll trust you to tell me when she’s joking. Here’s a question, …was she joking when she said waterboarding was a way to baptize terrorists?


    2. She ought to leave the ‘joking’ to her family, the only ones who seem to give a rat’s patootie about her humor or pathos. All she did was once again find the thinnest reason to try to insert herself into the public dialogue. It breaks her little coal chunk heart to see others get any attention while she remains (rightfully) ignored. Maybe she should do something helpful or important for the planet if she wants anyone to pay attention to her antics.


      1. dizlz,
        She is so desperate for attention that she might resort, in a last ditch effort, to do something charitable! What a great idea! I bet she never thought of that!


    3. sickofshittyjoblesstrolls Why do you even comment here? Do you really believe that your childish diatribe makes a difference? Have you no self respect?


  4. Sarah’s entire being is a false one, one of ego, a cross-stitching of rancor, endlessly volleying and posturing for praise, as a direct result of her untreated sexual issues that happened, and happen, to her in her own family, and that carry on through the generations, in her family, as she gets older and more embittered with how everything is done “to” her. For example, as we see, a VP event that happened “to” her over 8 years ago!
    Again, see above for untreated sexual and incest issues, as this is what untreated sexual and incest and resultant emotional issues look like, showcased, behaviorally, untreated, in a full-grown mammal, who wiles her years trying to reconcile the original brokenness and loss of power by forcing solutions through proxy. She chose a pair of shoes for the VP debate as an adult, but she has to wring out pity because the original hurt is when she blew her uncle after kindergarten.
    At a cellular level, she is entirely below the fog line, consumed in square-cornered tribal thinking and behavior – the same tribe that demands her loyalty to the tribe (insanity!!!!). She would have to be “dishonorable” to her tribe – and abandon ship – in order to experience that which she cannot experience while still onboard because of cross-contamination, for the experience she is unaware she needs and is invisibly and namelessly dead-starved for can only be learned by embodying an entirely new experience, sans cross-contamination.
    So, Palin, you wear whatever shoes you want – you only have yourself to blame when you whine, which in your case, is every frigid breath.
    Sarah is emotionally lazy. emotionally sterile.
    Sarah needs help.


  5. Malia

    Sorry I missed your post four thingy I was at the vp debate peeping Sarah. It went well very well the best.

    We hosed Sarah down with a power washer for a couple of hours. We removed most of the spray tan and bed sores. We put on a fresh diaper and her belmonts. We took a blue tarp and wrapped her in it.

    We tried to put her shoes on but they kept falling off. Todd gave us a hammer and nails to hold them on to her foot Skelton. As you know she is the only vp candidate who has every worn pumps. The sacrifices she makes.

    We put her on the porch and she debated a chipmunk for three hours. Most people lost the debate but she held her ground. That chipmunk was snickering the whole time she went on a meth induced rant. It was ugly.

    Who is still standing? She is and has been for the past 24 hours. She stopped talking a while ago but she is still creaking in the wind.

    Just because no human saw this debate means nothing. Does a bear chick in a blue tarp shit on a porch if no one sees it? Let me tell you she does.

    I am a little off topic. Congratulations on getting Todd his 100k back from the Feds. You really did a great job.


    1. painchipeater,
      You are a treasure! Every day that I see there is a comment from you, I smile even before I read it.

      You didn’t tell us what you did before the debate about Sarah’s mouth. Surely you did something to keep it shut!Share your advice so that others can do the same if she emerges again!


      1. We did a ton of research on Sarah’s mouth. Todd is funny he was hiding the autopsy report from her last doctors visit. When we found it things became clear.

        We noticed she had her throat replaced by a hienna. Let me tell you the taxidermist did a great job.

        We are now getting her ready for the next debate after she she gives her Getty burgs address.

        We found a chick named Wilma Getty and we could not anyone in Alaska with the last name burg. So Todd came up with a great idea.

        We brought Wilma to Burger King and she gave the speech of her life. The Getty Burger King address was her finest.

        We did not record it but we are getting a deposition from the cop that maced and arrested her. It’s hard to put in words how she sounded.

        The guy who works the fries machine said” I thought someone threw a large dog and refrigerator out a car window at 90 miles an hour.”

        Back to work


      2. painchipeater,
        I’m still laughing. Have to sharethis as a separate post!!! I’d like to meet Wilma one day and get her autograph.


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