Obama Attributes the Decline of the GOP to Sarah Palin


President Obama has said what we knew, but everyone in the GOP has been afraid to say!  John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin signaled the demise of the Republican Party.  It wasn’t that the pick of Palin changed the political ideologies of the Party.  Palin has no ideologies, except perhaps her anti-abortion stance.  Otherwise she was too ignorant to have a political ideology.  The pick of Palin signaled the willingness of the GOP to prioritize celebrity rather than intelligence or qualification.  It was a recognition that the party was willing to identify a leader whose goal was to promote their own celebrity status for personal financial gain rather than the country’s well being.  It was an admission that the Republican Party was willing to risk a cataclysmic event in America, instead of identifying a person for the office that they perceived was most qualified to serve.   When any political party becomes more concerned about its own success rather than the success of America, the party is destined to fail.

Trump proclaims he is qualified as a result of his success in business.  The reality is that is isn’t a self-made man, and he has repeatedly failed in business.  The bankruptcies are only a small portion of the disasters he has created.


Each of these businesses were a failure:

1. Trump Airlines
2. Trump beverages
3. Trump: The Game

4. Trump casinos

5. Trump magazine

6. Trump Mortgage

7. Trump Steaks

8. Trump’s travel site
9. Trump’s comms company
10. Trump Tower Tampa

11. Trump University
12. Trump Vodka
13. Lost future earnings from calling Mexicans rapists

If you admit that Trump has been a failure in business, there is nothing left to make him remotely qualified.


4 thoughts on “Obama Attributes the Decline of the GOP to Sarah Palin

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  1. Word salad, hate, racism, and lying are what the Tundra Turd birthed, not a baby with DS. dRUMPf has carried on the tradition.

    Time for the Repugnant Party to disintegrate into a nebulous cluster of vileness floating off into space. Never to be seen or heard from again.


  2. Malia –

    Happy Rosh Hashana to you and yours!
    And congratulations on getting your fees back, I knew that would happen.

    Best, and longtime (sometimes nutty) supporter of your blog,


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