Did We Learn Anything From the Nomination of Sarah Palin?

In 2008 people across America were horrified that John McCain would nominate someone so ill prepared to lead the country as Sarah Palin.  She was a bigot.  She was uneducated.  She didn’t even know that Africa was a continent, instead of a country.  She was ignorant of Supreme Court decisions other than Roe v. Wade.  She couldn’t identify a single source of information she read.  She thought North and South Korea were geographical regions within the same country.  Her lack of knowledge filled an entire book:


She was so anxious to get the construction of her home underway, using the same contractor as the new ice rink in Wasilla, that she authorized construction of the ice rink before the city even owned the land where the new hockey  center would be built.  People focused on her waffling positions on the Road to Nowhere, but it was the Road to Nowhere that she constructed, with federal money, after she knew the bridge would never be built.  The Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, a group promoting “sensible transportation systems in the state,” identified the Road to Nowhere is an irresponsible waste. The project received more than $100 million in federal and state funding.


In her half term as Governor she managed to use her office for personal advantage.


After she resigned from her half term as Governor, she made millions of Dollars as a result of the Alaska Film Tax Credit she enacted during her short time as Governor.


Blogs and media have covered the antics of Palin since the 2008 election.  The undisputed indication is that the election of Sarah Palin as Vice President could have had cataclysmic results.

The years of reporting by bloggers like myself, and the focus of hundreds of media stories, have been written with the hope that America would never come so close to self-destruction.  Regardless of political ideologies, Sarah Palin was not a leader that would have done anything but damage to America.  It was our hope that the voters of America would appreciate the importance of their vote, and their voice.

Over 80 million people watched the 2016  Presidential debate.   Hopefully that was an indication that people have taken this race seriously.  Hopefully people didn’t watch to be entertained, but instead to be educated about the candidates running for President.  America is faced with a new threat.  His name is Donald Trump.  He is not more educated or experienced than Sarah Palin.  However his history of use and abuse of people is worse than hers.  His history of bigotry is worse than hers.  His history of fraud is worse then hers.  Sarah Palin endorsed him, so it is clear that she finds a common spirit in Trump.  The importance of Americans voting is now more important than ever.  USA Today has deviated from its 34 year history of never taking sides ina  presidential race.  USA Today has identified one candidate, Donald Trump is “unfit” for the presidency.

The focus of the article is not the political stances of Trump, but his fundamental deficiency in character.  The following character traits were specifically identified:

“He is erratic. Trump has been on so many sides of so many issues that attempting to assess his policy positions is like shooting at a moving target. A list prepared byNBC details 124 shifts by Trump on 20 major issues since shortly before he entered the race. He simply spouts slogans and outcomes (he’d replace Obamacare with “something terrific”) without any credible explanations of how he’d achieve them.

He is ill-equipped to be commander in chief. Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements typically range from uninformed to incoherent. It’s not just Democrats who say this. Scores of Republican national security leaders have signed an extraordinary open letter calling Trump’s foreign policy vision “wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle.” In a Wall Street Journal column this month, Robert Gates, the highly respected former Defense secretary who served presidents of both parties over a half-century, described Trump as “beyond repair.”

He traffics in prejudice. From the very beginning, Trump has built his campaign on appeals to bigotry and xenophobia, whipping up resentment against Mexicans, Muslims and migrants. His proposals for mass deportations and religious tests are unworkable and contrary to America’s ideals.

Trump has stirred racist sentiments in ways that can’t be erased by his belated and clumsy outreach to African Americans. His attacks on an Indiana-born federal judge of Mexican heritage fit “the textbook definition of a racist comment,” according to House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest-ranking elected official in the Republican Party. And for five years, Trump fanned the absurd “birther” movement that falsely questioned the legitimacy of the nation’s first black president.

His business career is checkered. Trump has built his candidacy on his achievements as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. It’s a shaky scaffold, starting with a 1973 Justice Department suit against Trump and his father for systematically discriminating against blacks in housing rentals. (The Trumps fought the suit but later settled on terms that were viewed as a government victory.) Trump’s companies have had some spectacular financial successes, but this track record is marred by six bankruptcy filings, apparent misuse of the family’s charitable foundation, and allegations by Trump University customers of fraud. A series of investigative articles published by the USA TODAY Network found that Trump has been involved in thousands of lawsuits over the past three decades, including at least 60 that involved small businesses and contract employees who said they were stiffed. So much for being a champion of the little guy.

He isn’t leveling with the American people. Is Trump as rich as he says? No one knows, in part because, alone among major party presidential candidates for the past four decades, he refuses to release his tax returns. Nor do we know whether he has paid his fair share of taxes, or the extent of his foreign financial entanglements.

He speaks recklessly. In the days after the Republican convention, Trump invited Russian hackers to interfere with an American election by releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails, and he raised the prospect of “Second Amendment people” preventing the Democratic nominee from appointing liberal justices. It’s hard to imagine two more irresponsible statements from one presidential candidate.

He has coarsened the national dialogue. Did you ever imagine that a presidential candidate would discuss the size of his genitalia during a nationally televised Republican debate? Neither did we. Did you ever imagine a presidential candidate, one who avoided service in the military, would criticize Gold Star parents who lost a son in Iraq? Neither did we. Did you ever imagine you’d see a presidential candidate mock a disabled reporter? Neither did we. Trump’s inability or unwillingness to ignore criticism raises the specter of a president who, like Richard Nixon, would create enemies’ lists and be consumed with getting even with his critics.

He’s a serial liar. Although polls show that Clinton is considered less honest and trustworthy than Trump, it’s not even a close contest. Trump is in a league of his own when it comes to the quality and quantity of his misstatements. When confronted with a falsehood, such as his assertion that he was always against the Iraq War, Trump’s reaction is to use the Big Lie technique of repeating it so often that people begin to believe it.

We are not unmindful of the issues that Trump’s campaign has exploited: the disappearance of working-class jobs; excessive political correctness; the direction of the Supreme Court; urban unrest and street violence; the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group; gridlock in Washington and the influence of moneyed interests. All are legitimate sources of concern.”


USA Today was clear that they recognize flaws in Hillary Clinton’s character.  However, on balance, the only candidate for President present that is “UNFIT” is Trump!


Since the debate, Hillary appears to be leading in the polls. Even Fox News reports Hillary is ahead of Trump 43-40%.

It appears that as Trump’s popularity dissipates, he is becoming more desperate.  He now promises to begin talking about Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions.     If Trump’s wife posing nude is irrelevant to the 2016 election, then Bill’s unfaithfulness is clearly not relevant.

melania-trump-naked melania-trump-buttnaked

How have we evolved as a country to this new low?  Is it possible that the next Presidential debate will focus on which candidate has the more pornographic spouse?  How could anyone think that this is the way to make America great again?  Please take the time to vote.  Please take the time to make sure that everyone you know realizes that regardless of political ideologies, Donald Trump is unfit!


16 thoughts on “Did We Learn Anything From the Nomination of Sarah Palin?

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  1. The Chapter Listing from a new autobiography Sarah Palin might one day have penned by the same ghostwriter(s) who penned all of “her” other “books” might read as follows:

    Chapter 1. The Fearer
    Chapter 2. Malevolent Parasitic Entity
    Chapter 3. Deracinator Of All Life
    Chapter 4. Birther Of Bastards
    Chapter 5. Intubation Of Hatred And Venom And Joylessness
    Chapter 6. Onstage, Always, For You, Daddy And Heroin And Crystal Meth
    Chapter 7. The Molestee’s Guide To Torturous Self-Pity
    Chapter 8. Clannish Demophobe
    Chapter 9. Unskilled White Female
    Chapter 10. The Absentee Mother And Wife And Human Being That Am I
    Chapter 11. Whorelocaust

    The book title is not known, but surely it is not about good tidings for the holidays – or any days – for anyone except for THE WOMAN WITH THE UNTREATED INCEST ISSUES WHO REFUSES TO GET HELP AND INSTEAD WHOSE ENTIRE BEING IS SPENT RAILING AGAINST THE PLANET TO RECLAIM HER LOSS OF POWER.

    *UCKING GROW UP, SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I tend to agree with your opinion of Sarah and trump. Apart they can’t get elected together they would concurs all.

    She is the pit bull he is the druel. What good is a pit bull who is not drueling?

    She is the booze he is the hangover. They really make a great team.


    1. painchipeater,
      After the election I hear they are going to make a new reality show set in Alaska called “Pimp, Pornstar, and Palin”.


      1. Malia I was going to tell you about the new tv show. Everything was going well until we could not get a real pornstar to sign up.

        We found one in the asylum who did some porn in a side vaudeville act in the 1920″s.
        Thank Todd for altsheimers. To bad she passed away before the first episode.

        Todd tried his hardest but sometimes even the best taxidermist fail.


  3. “He is not more educated or experienced than Sarah Palin.”

    While I’m no fan of Trump, I can’t put him in a class with Palin; they are each in a class by themselves. He is rude, arrogant, and prejudiced, but he doesn’t lack what Palin does when it comes to education. He graduated from an Ivy League school in four years, something Palin could never come close to doing, in our universe or any alternate universe.

    Trump certainly has his own disqualifying traits for the Presidency, and in spite of his Ivy League pedigree, I do not consider him to be particularly bright. However, he is nowhere near as abysmally stupid as Palin is; she’s own on her in that department, and nobody can compare with her. They don’t come stupider than Sarah Palin.


  4. Trump seems to be working on his grand finale, the actions that will keep him out of the Oval Office. The latest batch of late night Tweets are part of the act. This guy is hauling in big bucks from the bottom feeders and lemmings. The middle of the night musings will pick up donors who don’t sleep and sit online all night (and day) ranting in the comment sections of blogs.

    Palin has gone silent because she is angry, watching a pro scam big bucks, using her con. As she spends the last bits of her political cash haul, Sarah sees Donald headed toward the billion dollar level. Now that Trump has ditched her, Palin may be lost in a haze of meth and coke.


      1. I’m glad you got your attorneys fees, but I’m disappointed that nothing actually happened. It’s like noone cares, which my family already knows.


      2. Shawn’s MOM,
        Don’tgive up yet! I’m working with the Oversight Committee in Congress. I have to be patient and strategic about what to say and when, so just know I haven’t given up!


      3. Looking forward to your post–and a HUGE (or is that YUGE?) congratulations on getting your attorney fees! WOOHOO!


      4. freckles,
        WooHOO!!! is right! I’m waiting to do a complete post until the papers are final, but it is clear that the Secret Service is corrupt. I think the problem is that the Secret Service protects the President,and if the President gets too tough on them, what are the consequences for he and his family? Very frightening!


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