In Your Face (or mouth) Sarah Palin!

Bashir apologized for the remarks,but that didn’t seem to satisfy Palin.  Bashir resigned.  Many of the viewers of MSNBC missed Bashir, and although his comments were colorful, they were the perfect example of the difference between slavery and the problems faced by America in dealing with the national debt.

In what could only be described a poetic justice, Bashir has landed a new job.  He will be working at the BBC as its religious affairs correspondent.  Isn’t it amusing that Bashir is employed again, and Palin isn’t?  Isn’t is amusing that Bashir is recognized as an expert in theology due to his “immense knowledge”…of the broadest range of faith-based stories,” and Palin is not?  Finally, it must be really embarrassing to Palin that the story was reported by Breitbart news.


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