Sharon Osbourne Explains Why Trump, Mr. Bragadocious, Doesn’t Want to Be President

Sharon Osbourn worked with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.   Sharon explained that she “would be terrified” if Trump were actually elected president, “because he’s a narcissist.”  “He just is — he knows that about himself…. And if somebody disagrees with him, he doesn’t take it well. And to think that this man would have his hand on that button — can you imagine? He’s got such a quick, fiery temper.”

nuclear-explosiontrump smirk


Sharon Osbourne previously explained why Donald Trump would be a horrible President.



Now she explains why she thinks Mr. Bragadocious,  doesn’t really want to be President.



Sharon Osbourne has previously described Donald Trump as “disgusting” and “completely insane.”  The idea of Donald Trump as President is  ” very, very scary. I don’t believe he thought he would get this far. He just wanted to build the brand, and now I think he’s terrified.”

Osbourne went onto describe Melania Trump.  “His wife is gorgeous, I mean, God bless her, she didn’t sign up for this. She signed up for Park Avenue and a blowjob every night and the credit card. That’s what she signed up for.

“I feel very sorry for her having that big thing on top of you every night. I mean, he’s disguuuuusting. Disgusting. He is, like, completely insane.”

melania-trump-nakedmelania trump gqmelania trump fourmelanis trump naked



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