Sarah Palin Pretends to Respect Blacks in America, While Promoting Racism


It’s no secret that Sarah Palin is a racist.   Her recent Facebook Post simply confirms her bigotry.  For two days we have been waiting for Sarah Palin to provide her thoughts…or ramblings…on the debate performances of Donald and Hillary.  In between two other posts, Sarah offered a comment on the debate.  She said:

* Why’d the debate not focus on HILLARY originating the Obama Birther issue? (Which has been shown to be false.)

* Why no questions on illegal immigration?
* Why no focus on democrats not batting an eye at our $200 trillion true debt full of unfunded future liabilities?
* Why no question on the crony capitalism that defines the Clinton Foundation and her stint as Sec. of State?
* Why do reformers have to wait until the next debate to see Trump “take no prisoners?”

Then Sarah linked to a video of Diamond and Silk, two Black women, who are outspoken Black women advocates of Trump for President.


I wondered by Palin would focus attention on these two women.  They did not appear to be well spoken, have any expert credentials, and impressed me as examples of women who would promote the stereotype of ignorant Blacks.  These are the answers I found:

  1.  During the short time Sarah Palin pretended to be a news host on “On Point with Sarah Palin” these Black sisters gave her an interview.


2.  During the segment with Palin, Diamond and Silk demonstrated their ignorance by using words that are not found in the dictionary.  Diamond referred to media “biasness.”  Diamond used incorrect verb tenses including her remark that “Megyn Kelly asking questions that does not (sic) make sense, …”

3.  They admitted that before the 2016 race their only involvement in politics was to vote.

4.  Palin and the women were critical of Megyn Kelly’s questions of Trump regarding women’s issues because they were “things on the periphery, and things that have nothing to do with the Presidential race. ”

Reason they support Trump is that he wants to make America Great Again, wants to secure the border, and make America safe.

If Trump weren’t running, Palin asked,  what would you be putting energy into?  The answer was “media biasness.”


Diamond and Silk have enjoyed significant national attention as a result of their promotion of Trump.


Diamond and Silk have a history of taking stands on political issues that demonstrate a lack of understanding  of the issues.  They criticized Texas police officer Brian Encinia for his actions in arresting activist Sandra Bland. Bland was found dead three days after the encounter inside a jail cell. Authorities have said that Bland killed herself.

“Even though we know all lives matter, in this case, this black life mattered,” Hardaway said. “And this white man ain’t gonna get to do that to this black girl.”


They seem to be focused on illegal immigrants:


They also made this video about Hillary’s remarks on the “Basket of Deplorables”:


The amazing this is that Diamond and Silk seem to be unaware of Trump’s history of racism.  Before a live audience and an estimated 100 million TV viewers, Trump struggled to explain why a real-estate company he managed settled a Justice Department racial discrimination suit. He called for a law-and-order crackdown as a remedy for racial conflict, including a stop-and-frisk policy the courts found unconstitutional and discriminatory. He also continued to describe black and Hispanic communities as urban hellscapes where armed gangs “roam the streets,” even though civic leaders say the description is offensive and incorrect.

In perhaps the biggest contradiction to his outreach, Trump couldn’t come up with a plausible or coherent explanation for why he suddenly dropped a five-year quest, launched at his own expense, to prove President Barack Obama – the nation’s first black commander-in-chief, and a source of pride among African Americans – was not born in the United States.

A poll released by ABC News and the Washington Post found that 93 percent of black voters preferred Clinton. Just 3 percent liked Trump, 2 percent backed Libertarian Gary Johnson and 4 percent supported Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Several polls have shown that only 1% to 2% of African Americans plan to vote for Trump, an all-time low even for a Republican presidential candidate. In the recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, only 7% say they will support him. Blacks recognize Trump’s bigotry and, by extension, the bigotry of the Republican Party. A Suffolk University poll found that an astonishing 87% of African Americans believe that Trump is a racist. His latest call for a national “stop and frisk” policy only solidifies that view.
The Black news host who have interviewed these sisters artfully point out their lack of understanding of the issues:
Roland Martin couldn’t get a straight answer about any understanding about how Trump planned to bring jobs back? They were unaware that Trump had shipped jobs overseas to China.
These sisters have turned their advocacy for Trump into a financial boon-doggle.  They have made more than 125 videos.  They refuse to tell what Trump said to them privately.  These women have been described as  ghetto fabulous, in your face, over the top, reality television,  ignorant, disgusting, dumb ghetto fabulous morons.
When asked what did before Trump, they said: “now we have to get all personal.”  They later called themselves  entrepreneurs, but refused to be more specific.  They remarked that it was “None of your business” to the reporter questioning them.  Financial benefits from promotions of trump.  It is clear that Diamond and Silk, like their parents who were  television-evangalists selling herbal pills on television, have become celebrities, and made substantial money off their advocacy for Trump.  Even Trump has introduced them as “very rich.”

Only Sarah Palin could disparage Blacks in America while pretending to respect them.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Pretends to Respect Blacks in America, While Promoting Racism

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  1. Sarah freaked out when she slept with Glen RIce, saying she could not believe she had sex with a black man. She seems obsessed with Obama too. What is wrong with her? She is a racist and these women that support Trump are only looking for fame and they are ignorant of the truth.


  2. Malia
    I just took a poll for trump. It was going well until he cracked the poll over my head for the third time today.

    He was in a better mood when he found a group of woman and he got to call all of them ugly and whores. It’s great to see him having so much fun.

    I am In charge of getting trump prepared for the next debate. We are taking it serious this time.

    We are going to at least 3 dog fights a day. In between that we go to grade schools and pull girls hair. Those chicks are tough.

    Todd willing we will be ready.


    1. Painchipeater,
      I think Trump needs to invite Palin to sit in the first row of the audience at the next debate. I think its a town hall format, and if Trump calls on Palin to ask a question…nobody will understand the question…Trump could say anything he wants and Hillary might have a hard time trying to understand Palin!


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