Trig Speaks Out Against Donald Trump With His Favorite Word



Using his favorite word, Trig calls “bullshit” on his mother and his Grandma for pretending to support Donald Trump.


Nothing has been said after his performance during his first Presidential debate with Hillary. Nothing has been said by his mother,or Grandmother, in spite of bloggers pointing out that they forgot to say anything about his embarrassing performance.

Maybe Bristol and Sarah didn’t have anything to say because they were embarrassed by Trump disparaging gold star families, and Dakota Meyer voicing his disgust at that remark.

…oh probably not that….that happened before the debate.

Maybe Bristol and Sarah didn’t have anything to say because Trump mocked the disabled.

…oh probably not that…that happened in 2015.

Realizing that Sarah and Bristol had supported Trump, in spite of his unforgivable bigotry, arrogance, ignorance, egomaniacal, selfish, abusive, narcissistic personality, Trig speaks, when they remain silent.  Trig calls “bullshit” on Donald Trump.  Even a child with Down’s Syndrome understands that anyone running for the highest office in the country should produce their tax returns.  Even a child with Down’s Syndrome understands why Trump represents a clear and present danger to the United States.



Of course, the above is not true, but satire.  Of course Bristol and Sarah would never allow Trig to voice his political positions regarding anyone who lives so far away from Alaska.





7 thoughts on “Trig Speaks Out Against Donald Trump With His Favorite Word

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  1. Reminds me of when my son was about 5 or so and heard the word “horny” on a movie we were watching. It became his favorite word for a month. And obviously, most kids go through phases where they drop f bombs, eliciting endless laughs from adults.


    1. A sane and reasonable and responsible parent will help the child along with more responsible behavior, and an awareness of the inappropriateness of the previously demonstrated behavior.

      “Adult” Palins have demonstrated globally their prideful narcissistic unwillingness and inability to sober up and get help, and so they are passing on a foundation of mistruths and lies to the child, simply by the child being in their presence, and also having been inside the “adult” Palin mother’s womb for nine or seven or five months, marinating in that caustic Palin amniotic fluid, and also too conceived out of Christian wedlock as a desperate attempt to reconcile the adult by having a child. The child is born with a “job” – to fix the Palin adult parent. Wow, what an impossibly horrible thing to do to one of God’s creates by laying on that impossible insane responsibility!! The child simply has no chance. Being a Palin child, or offspring, or embryo, is like being born into a Godless state of involuntary trusteeship with no hope of escape.


    2. You have a son? Poor child. You must not be proud of him, you have never been seen with him. How did you trap a sperm donor, lumpyloopsy/Alicia?


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