Sarah Palin’s Been Silenced!


It’s been almost 24 hours since the Presidential debate and Sarah Palin has opted not to say anything.  I know Alaska is far away, but I know they have televisions.  Surely if she was proud of Trump’s performance, she would have remarked by now.  Nothing on twitter, facebook, by Sarah or Bristol!  Nadda.  Zip!  Zero! Nothing!

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    1. Jordan is having another bastard for Palin dynasty or she already gave birth and they are busy faking a birth date. Sarah hasn’t found time for the Olympics this week. What about a wedding plan? She mentioned plans when the rock got her.

      Bristol is very wifey and anti-abortion focus. Like every newly wed she has a sonogram of a fetus that is saluting a marine. It reminds her of her husband. He has quotes and his charity when not selling guns and equipment and self promoting.

      Do they all hate Trump now?

      It is brutal to ignore someone, especially when they need back up the most. They are doing it all together as if it is their business plan decision. Not a family of individuals that care about leadership and issues. How does the boss figure this is good for their business (grift)?


      1. anonymous,
        Iexpect that they are now trying to position Dakota to run for office, and he’s clearly not a Trump supporter, so I expect that they will keep their distance from Trump.


  1. I have an ultra right wing total conspiracy theorist person that calls me all the time and I heard zip from her, probably waiting to hear from Alex Jones, who surely must have some conspiracy theory to explain Trump’s poor performance. Palin is probably talking to Jones right now, looking for the reason her boy lost!


  2. Malia, I think you missed something. One news analyst said Trump made Palin look like Henry Kissinger.
    She’s busy. I’m guessing the Wasilla Wendogo is negotiating with Trump to be his National Security Advisor or Secretary of State. She still hasn’t figured out that her name is a benchmark for the worst possible political candidate, and never a compliment.


  3. Dakota Meyer is not his own person? He has no mind of his own? He is in Sarah’s killing Trump with silence campaign? This is one of those times when silence does speak volumes.


  4. I wonder if Duh their prize, has flown the coop? Maybe he finally saw the PayMe family the way the rest of us sees them, and got sick and tired of all the fake “living vibrantly” fakery.


    1. Duh is busy asking for money to take down all the human slave traffickers. He has to be very busy.

      Human trafficking is yuuge business in the world. Second only to drug trafficking. If he is going to make a dent in that business he does not have a moment to waste.


  5. School years are busy as is her family. Nothing important has happened. We will know in a week if the debate changed polls. Though I’m not sure a poll in this race matter much.


    1. lalaloopsy/alicia/palin defender Why do you pretend to know all about the Palins. They don’t like anything about you. When was the last time that you visited Wasilla without being arrested?


  6. Quickly trying to get in touch with Mrs. Litman.

    My interest in Palin is in relation to certain irregularities at the Alaska Division of Elections back in 2008 and 2014, and how the discovery and cover up of large scale vote rigging in 2008 was the actual cause of the 2009 resignation in Sean Parnell’s favor. Ballpark estimate is that my dirty elections official made off with ~21,000 Democratic votes in 2008 and ~8,000 on Parnell’s behalf in 2014. (Still managed to not get Stevens or Parnell re-elected, but neither of those were actually his fault.)

    The evidence is complicated and I’m working on getting together a full dossier for politicians, law enforcement and media. In reviewing my notes I’ve realized that although I have the electronic portions of the vote tampering in Juneau and the bypass of the 2014 and 2008 post election audits of the paper ballots worked out in pretty clear detail, I really don’t have a good explanation for where Palin’s corrupt elections official got a hold of the extra ballots he’d need to get the job done. He might be able to misappropriate official ballots or use his job description to trick some print vendors into doing the job for the 2,000 or so ballots he needed for the original plan before the election, but he’d need about 800 District 7 ballots to deal with the recount for the state house seat there, and there’d be no way to plan that in advance.

    So there has to have been a corrupt print shop owner in Juneau or Anchorage or Wasilla, or possibly the job was outsourced overseas but there’s no real leads, so I figured I’d just stick my head in and ask the Palin dirt expert if any of Sarah or Todd’s known cronies own printing shops.

    No rush. I’ve managed to dither in figuring this out for the last three years, so I have no right to call anyone else tardy.

    Thanks 🙂


      1. After taking a quick break, I’ve realized I’m overthinking the problem. For the longest time I thought that paper tampering would require the manufacture of tens or hundreds of thousands of ballots, and my brain was still in gear for a manufacturing process on that scale.

        The amount I’m now looking at (2,800) is sufficiently small that the owner of a Minuteman Press could do it in an evening without assistance from employees, so one of the employees recognizing that making ballots after the election can’t possibly be legal and blowing the whistle isn’t a concern.

        I’ll send along a link to the blog with my case on it to that email once it’s in working shape. Thanks!


  7. Malia – She’s probably under some sort of stupid “contract” to cut and paste articles from Breitbart and Independent Journal Review (IJR) to her Facebook and Twitter. LOL PS to lalaloopsy – you are delusional!


  8. Malia – According to Sarah’s Facebook today (Wednesday), she is . apparently in “mourning” at the loss of Israel’s, Shimon Peres. Isn’t Sarah’s silence very similar to last year’s silence when Sarah didn’t say anything until after Bristol gave birth to her “disappointment”?


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