Hillary Hammered Trump; Trump Sputtered through His Lies

The fact checkers must have worked all night to bring us an analysis of the assertions in the debate last night.  The bottom line, as predicted, is that Trump repeatedly lied, and Hillary was rated as being mostly truthful.

However there were a few surprises.  There was much speculation about whether Hillary would appear to be physically strong and capable of withstanding the grueling lights and standing on the national stage for 90 minutes.  Nobody was talking about whether Donald Trump could survive the scrutiny.  He couldn’t.  The first, distracting, very noticeable thing was the amount of sniffing that occurred in the first half of the debate.

Because we have seen Donald Trump give speech after speech, and appear at multiple Republican debates, we have much to compare his demeanor to.  Never has he made a public address when he was sniffing …repeatedly as he was last night.  He repeatedly had to take sips of water.  He repeatedly interrupted Hillary.

Two of the most damaging things he said were that (1) not paying any federal income tax makes him smart, and (2) “Stop and frisk” should be implemented across the country.  Hillary made the point that if Trump isn’t paying any taxes he is the epitome of a person in the highest income bracket who should pay his fair share.  She articulated the impact of Trump not paying his fair share, which hurts all average Americans, our vets, our education system, etc.  With regard to he advocating a “stop and frisk” policy, the truth is that it WAS ruled to be unconstitutional and ineffective in deterring crime.   For those who are not constitutional scholars, the “stop and frisk” notion is the very type of law that allows and encourages police to unreasonably target minorities.  The idea that a police officer can stop and frisk anyone for any reason, without probably cause, is the very reason that we have developed an entire body of law prohibiting racial profiling.  Racial profiling is wrong.  Trump either doesn’t understand that it is unconstitutional, or he doesn’t care, or both.  Given his history of bigotry, it should be like a taser for any constitutional scholar to hear him advocate “stop and frisk”.  If we could identify one thing that is the most frightening about a Trump Presidency it is his failure to understand or respect the United States Constitution.  Until the debate, we suspected that he lacked any understanding or respect for the Constitution. His position on preventing Muslims from immigrating to America unconstitutional.  His position on making Muslims wear some type of badge was unconstitutional.  His unwillingness to lease apartments in his buildings to Blacks was unconstitutional.  His employees marked applicants who were Black with a “C” for colored.  Because the President is the person charged with enforcing the laws of the United States, it is reprehensible that he would openly and boldly violate the Constitutional rights of so many.  Because the President elected in 2016 will likely appoint 2 or 3 Justices to the United States Supreme Court, it is imperative to the future of our Constitution that Donald Trump lose the election in November.

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  1. I think it was the New York Times that questioned Trump’s stamina, his ability to stand for 90 minutes without a teleprompter, without knowing the script, and without doing the research on potential questions. It appears the Times was correct. Trump crashed in the second half of the debate. He blew out all of his steam earl on.

    Today we will hear how it was rigged and there was a bunch of dust on his podium.


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