Bristol and Sarah Failed 3rd Grade Math, 1st Grade Logic, Kindergarten Morality

Third grade is the time when most students learn about Fractions.  In First Grade students learn the logical reason that apples can’t be compared to oranges.  They are different colors, different types of fruit, they grow in different parts of the country, and some people eat the skin of an apple, but nobody eats the orange peal. In Kindergarten most students learn the importance of telling the truth and not being misleading about providing information.  Evidently Sarah or Bristol Palin never learned these invaluable lessons.  They have proven themselves to be uninformed, uneducated, and incapable of simple analysis.


Bristol has posted a condemnation of Hillary’s proposed family leave policy on her blog.  Sarah posted a link to the article of Bristol on her Facebook.  Bristol explains that she does understand that “Hillary’s proposed plan guarantees 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to care for a new child or seriously ill family member. Beyond this government mandate, it also mandates that the person taking leave get at least 2/3 of their current wages.” Thus Bristol admits that she understands that Hillary’s proposal would be to allow a parent more weeks of leave, but the parent would receive less than full salary. Bristol expresses her dismay explaining that this policy leaves her “speechless.”  “All of these people, Bristol says, are  yelling everything from “free birth control” to “free college.”

Does Bristol not realize why complaining about “free birth control” and “free college” make her look like a fool?  If she had had free birth control, maybe she wouldn’t have had so many children out of wedlock that she surely can’t support on part-time wages earned as a dermatology assistant.


If she’d attended college perhaps she could have gotten a better job than working as a dermatology assistant for a doctor whose name means masturbation, with a friend who looks more like a porn star than a dermatology assistant.


But here’s the real problem.  Bristol admits that Trump has a plan for maternity leave.  However her first mistake is to think it is a six week plan.  According to Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, and the author of his maternity leave plan, mothers would receive 8 weeks of paid leave.


Under Ivanka/Donald’s plan a married mother would receive 8 weeks of full pay as their maternity leave.  Under Hillary’s plan the mother or father would receive 2/3 of their salary for 12 weeks.  That means that a married mother under Trump’s plan making $100.00 per week would get 8 weeks of pay, or $800.00.  Under Hillary’s plan a parent making $100.00 per week, would get 2/3 of 12 weeks of pay, or $800.00.


Ivanka was specifically asked if Trump employees currently receive an 8 week paid leave.  Ivanka said they do.  The truth is that Trump employees don’t have any maternity leave benefits.  The Trump plan, which hasn’t been written down, andwould supposedly go into effect if he were elected, seems to benefit only married women, not stay at home fathers, or single mothers.  It’s questionable that any such plan would actually be implemented if Trum were elected, as his won companies don’t allow any leave.

Even Bristol admits that she took four weeks of maternity leave when Sailor was born.  Bristol reportedly returned to work the very end of January of 2016.  If she gave birth in November, as she likely did, then she would have had 8 weeks of leave.



It’s also disingenuous to suggest that Bristol has an ordinary job.  In the last twelve months Bristol has moved to Kentucky, moved back to Alaska, and taken at least three trips to Hawaii.







16 thoughts on “Bristol and Sarah Failed 3rd Grade Math, 1st Grade Logic, Kindergarten Morality

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  1. Barstool missed a key factor in both plans. Paid maternity leave is rare. So Barstool is bitching abbot getting full pay. Well, 2/3 of a weekly salary is more than zero……oh, wait. Maybe this will help. Most people get paid $000.00 for maternity leave. Use that number in your sample case and compare $800.00 to $000.00. Can you see which is more? Ask Trig to explain it.


  2. Bristol’s never had a birth control problem. She has kids with people who were excited to have kids with her and wanted to marry her (their words.) And one she married. She’s also never been anti-birth control. She did say she thinks because having kids is a choice, that has nothing to do with an employer. But she also said in a utopia, maternity leave is a great thing. GIven how open she is to listening to everyone’s opinion, she clearly would change her mind if our government weren’t so irresponsible with money, something that is well known.

    Why are you disparaging her friend, a good person, and someone you do not know? That is VERY RWNJ of you. Sick of your immaturity, not going to lie. You are in the later stages of your life, and have the mentality of a 9 year old.

    And FTLOG, her baby was born Dec 23. You’re making all of us on blogs look stupid.

    Sorry everyone, I know people will call me a troll but I’ve had enough to insipid bloggers who don’t care how they make the rest of her party look with her juvenile posts that contain lies.


    1. Lola

      I have to concur with you on every point. It’s obvious Bristol likes to have babies with every guy who says they will marry her , I have seen it first hand.

      Just the other day a nice homeless guy asked her to marry him. Within seconds she was nude and had ankles for ear rings. It was a buetiful relationship even if it only lasted 3 minutes.


      1. painchipeater,
        …and it shows her charitable spirit…just because they are a street person doesn’t mean they don’t have needs too!


      1. GRice,
        It amazes me that she spends so much time trying to convince us that the truth isn’t the truth. Sarah Palin herself won’t even deny things.


  3. Malia – Good one!
    Hey, “lalaloopsy” or “sighs” or whatever name you are going by today, why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be in Italy? That’s what you said last week at IM.


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