Glen Rice and Sarah Palin Have Three Things in Common

#1-Glen Rice and Sarah Palin spent a night of magic together one night almost thirty years ago.


The one-nighter was reported in Joe McGinnis’ book.


Now, roughly 30 years later, Glen and Sarah aren’t sharing a bed together but they still have 2 things in common.

#2-They both made millions of dollars after their night together, before they became celebrities.

#3-They both blew the wealth they amassed while they were celebrities.

Glen is broke.  Sarah is broke.  Maybe they should apply to work for Trump. Oh…never-mind.

I forgot Glen is Black.


Sarah is a woman.


Trump doesn’t like Blacks and he doesn’t pay women,except in divorce  proceedings.


24 thoughts on “Glen Rice and Sarah Palin Have Three Things in Common

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  1. Do we know for fact that her book advances, royalties, speaking engagement fees, have all been spent. There is nothing left, no investments? Well, she could sell the Fox studio bldg, and Todd’s airplane.


    1. pvaz,
      I don’t pretend to know anything about their personal finances. I only know what I read at Open Secrets re the PAC, and other things I read …like the failure to pay property taxes on the improvements (like the cabin)on the property where they built the cabin.


    1. Christian,
      I don’t keep up with taxes paid in Alaska,and even if I did, andthe Palins were shown to be up to date, I wouldn’t assume they paid anything, as I now understand how things work in Alaska, and I’d believe it if someone waived the taxes for them.


    2. Christian (pun?), It was clear to me that Malia was referring to the past. They were outed on their improvements and failure to pay. They were reassessed and FORCED to pay. We all know this. I guess you came late to the party.


  2. You need to seek some professional help. Your fascination with and desire to insult Palin is not something a sane person would do. You’re down to mass posting old pictures of Palin and rehashing years old stories. Get some help!!


    1. DGM,
      If I am sick, and I need help, what does that say about you, who come to a blog of a woman you think is sick to read what she writes?


    2. @Dakota Gets Married to the town bicycle: How much do the Palins pay you to defend their criminal lifestyle? You are a sick puppy. Your trolling addiction to the Palins is a sorry way to live.


      1. The Palins don’t live s criminal lifestyle. Her kids are good people who real jobs and private lives. 2 are great, loving parents. All are happy. Only one doesn’t have a job, and he’s 8. Stop creating slander about Dakota, a good man who literally only wants to help his fellow Vets and be a good husband a father to his good wife and kid.


      2. Sighs,
        You’re right such a great family that does all they can to keep their private lives private. They have real jobs, and Dr. Jack Me-off is a real doctor. Todd works hard at his pimping job. I’m not sure what Sarah’s job is, but I think it might be cooking…moose chili, blueberry pie, or meth.


      3. Sighs,

        You have heard the police tape for the infamous brawl and read the eye witness reports, right? Well then, ’nuff said. You are a deranged lunatic and semi-illiterate. Do you ever proofread?


    3. DGM, you are FAR more obsessed than anyone else here. You even pretend to have insider info when you don’t even know them. Any post about Palins and you are here chastising people you don’t know and making assumptions about their thoughts and motivations. So……..projecting much? Hypocrite much? You should probably think about your own motivations and behavior before criticizing us.


  3. I know the facts about all the lies. Sarah is not broke. She has 36 dollars in the bank and has 200 coupons for taco bell. She also owns 4 pieces of clothing and has 1/4 pound of meth.

    She may have been living a little to vibrantly for a while but now she is more down to earth. I mean literally she is passed out on the lawn in the backyard.


  4. Where does Sarah get her shoes from???
    She’s not a big woman or a tall woman – however – her shoes look so sturdy and clunky and coarse and masculine and utilitarian that they could hoist and support an entire building for earthquake retrofit.

    It’s almost like she’s anthropomorphizing by proxy her unquiet despair of ongoing sexual trauma, and of a life lived incorrectly, in that both she and the shoes:
    1. Are in love with straps
    2. Have openings where there should not be openings
    3. Don’t belong anywhere
    4. Are acting out for attention
    5. Don’t read newspapers (this one’s a stretch…mmmm…maybe not)

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  5. Funny, truth says otherwise.

    1. You have in actuality no proof they had sex. He never actually said that. Joe insinuated that and he replied “nooo nothing like that.” Not that two unmarried people having sex is bad. They clearly lked each other.

    2. I don’t know about him, but you’re implying Sarah made millions before she became a celebrity. This is untrue. She was middle class, and no different from any other Alaskan. The kids’ friends families are more well off even now. Or their homes are bigger.

    3. You cannot comment on how they spend their money. how can you prove Sarah blew her wealth when you don’t know what she’s worth? A poltical pac that has nothing to do with personal income is no indication.

    Why are you still acting as if you know people you do not?


    1. Sighs,
      Have you known Sarah that long that you know they clearly liked each other, or are you speaking from first hand knowledge. In Sarah’s case her PAc had everything to do with her personal income. Why do you thinkthe PAC bought all her books?


    2. @Sighs How is it that you are a confidant of any of the Palins? Have you ever talked to any of them? No? You post comments as if you are their attorney, and you are far from being anywhere near intelligent.


  6. Actions speak louder than words. We no l;longer see the Palins flying all over the country in private jets. Word salad has become almost the a meal from the various Palin FB and Twit accounts. No more professional writers translating random thought screeches into sentences. Not a lot of promo photos with candidates. Activity has been severely curtailed.


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