Sarah Sells Sex on the Match Game

It’s been over a year since I posted the article highlighting all the inappropriate, sexually explicit remarks, gestures, and clothes Sarah has been associated with.  Remember her reference to “spanking”?   Remember her reference to Obama’s big stick and his cojones?  Remember how she carassed Levi?



From the beginning, waiving wasn’t enough, she had to blow kisses.


A smile wasn’t enough, she winked.


As she has aged over the last 8 years, her breasts haven’t sagged, they’ve gotten bigger and more erect.



April 26, 2013: Sarah Palin addresses The Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada at The Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandatory Credit: Ref: infusny-244|sp|

palin black shirt iowa nipples

Even her supporters have illustrated the sexual excitement Palin works to generate.

erect-palin-fanpalin erection 108

Now that Palin is desperate for money and attention she appeared on the Match Game.  The show crafted questions clearly designed to elicit sexually provocative answers.  Examples included:

“Did you hear Pinocchio has a sister? Every time she tells a lie, her (blank) gets bigger.”  Palin didn’t disappoint with her answer “da bosom.

Another question went even further, making Sarah the focus of this sexually charged question.  “Sarah Palin takes her pets to the best groomer in Alaska,” Baldwin read. “Once a week they manicure her moose, clip her caribou and buff her (blank).”

Clearly the show was attempting to elicit an answer that started with the letter “B”.  Palin missed the point of the question.  However she answered with the thing she associates with sex,…money.  She answered by saying her ” Alaskan golden nuggets!”

Money and Sex, that’s what the Palin family is known for.

britta baby showerbristol-pregnant-in-white-shirttodd-palin-natl-enquirer-shailey-tripppalin-brad-hanson-natl-enquirerbristols-friend-three-slut



18 thoughts on “Sarah Sells Sex on the Match Game

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  1. Malia, i see that Bristol sold her house last year and that it is up for sale again. Is bristol’s new place as nice as her old one? From the pics she posts on instagram, it looks smaller.


    1. Why are you a weird stalker creepin on private people? ie the man who bought her house.

      The reason you know nothing about her life is because you don’t know her.


      1. Sighs,
        Wow, you have a lot of time. I guess not much is going on in Wasilla. Are you by chance one of the Palins? I’ve been trying for years to get them to answer my letters. Maybe you could ask them.


  2. Malia – Could Sarah act any more immature with her childish comments, faces, and gestures? And this woman wants to be in a cabinet position if Trump is elected POTUS? Good god! The woman is an idiot!

    PS ‘Sighs’ is the troll with many names who needs to invest in a dictionary! LOL


    1. Sharon,
      Trump must have changed his position on that cabinet position. He hasn’t mentioned Palin’s name lately and it just too damn far between the White House and Alaska.


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