Sarah Palin’s PAC is Broke!

Last July Trump announced that Sarah Palin would not be attending the Republican Convention because Alaska was just too darn far away.  The long distance was never a problem before.  Sarah has appeared in New York ,






and India.


So we knew that distance wasn’t the reason.  What would be the reason Sarah might pass up such a high profile appearance, and a chance to trash Hillary?

Today it seems obvious that …as always with Sarah…it’s all about the money.


She’s been trying to sell her house in Arizona since December of 2015.  The original asking price was $2,500,000.00.  Today we learn that she sold it for $2,275,000.00.  Perhaps the fact that she took $275,000 less than the asking price isn’t as significant as the fact that she was selling it.  So is Sarah strapped for cash?




The answer appears to be YES!  Open Secrets reports that as of September 12, 2016 SarahPAC only had $171,686.00 cash on hand!  Even more telling is the news that since the 2014 election cycle, SarahPAC has spent more money that the donations it received.

In 2014 Sarah PAC raised: $2.8 Million Dollars

In 2014 Sarah PAC spent : $3.1 Million Dollars

In 2014 Sarah PAC experienced a net loss of $300,000.00.


In 2016 Sarah PAC has raised  $1.2 Million Dollars

In 2016 Sarah PAC has spent $1.9 Million Dollars

In 2016 Sarah PAC has experienced a net loss, so far this year of $700,000.00



As of June 30, 2016 Sarah PAC only had $171,686.00 cash on hand.  The Convention occurred on July 18, 2016.  I suspect that at the rate of cash going out the door that Sarah couldn’t afford to pay for the long flight from Alaska to appear at the convention.  What Open Secrets doesn’t tell us is the outstanding debt of Sarah PAC.  If Sarah’s history in her short time in office is any indication, she may be in significant debt.

She sold the RV:


She sold the Arizona home:


Sarah’s out of work:


Todd’s out of work:


Track’s out of work:


Willow, Piper, and Trig are still living at home.  No new books are scheduled to come out this fall, and even if they did, Sarah PAC doesn’t have the money to buy them!  Legal fees are out of control.

NYC, NY 09/11/01 WTCCRASH : Firemen raised a flag where WTC was. -Thomas E. Franklin / The Record


Palin called President Obama “lazy”.

It seems that Sarah is the one who is lazy now.  Now that people have realized that they were being scammed,  Sarah might have to get a real job.  Maybe Dr. Jack Me-Off needs another technician?  Maybe Sarah will have to stop hiring babysitters to care for Trig?  Maybe when she gives a speech she will only be able to demand one water bottle, instead of two.  Maybe she’ll have to fly coach like the rest of us.  Maybe Bristol can lend her some other clothes.  Maybe she’ll have to eat some of that moose in the freezer.  Famous Footware in Wasilla is looking for a shoe salesman.  Sarah loves shoes, so maybe this would be an ideal fit!?

palin-shoes-nine  palin-patriotic-shoespalin-snake-skin-shoespalin-poka-dot

palin-red-shoesleopard-shoespalin-amazing-america-season-two-picturepalin-beauty-pagent-1894palin-shoes-fivepalin-shoes-eightpalin-shoes-sixpalin-leather-fivepalin-shoes-seven  palin-texas-boots-cruz

63 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s PAC is Broke!

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  1. Malia,
    Can you please tell me why Sarah bought that Arizona home?? Why there, and why such a monstrosity ? How many times did she ever go there??? Why do people buy things from that family????


    1. Zora,
      When she bought it there was speculation she planned torun for President and needed a home in the mainland,or that she was going to run for McCain’s Senate seat when he stepped down.


    2. Bristol found that school in 2011 and Willow also liked it. And they have quite a number of friends who live there, both Alaskan and outside. Piper’s best friend’s family has a house there; it’s bigger than the one Sarah bought. Most houses look like that in that area. I recall when they celebrated Willow’s school grad, they danced at some country western restaurant and a neighbor was there. She said it was fun to have her as a neighbor, despite only being there part of the year.

      Again, why are you all stalkers?You’re just creating more and more lies for yourself, something Malia is adept at at this point.


  2. Sarah Palin made a $580,000 profit on the sale of a vacation. She sold her RV because it is in Arizona. Palin has a lot of money. She’s joining the Trump administration if he wins or she’s buying a place in NY or DC . She’s got $2.3 million. Palin also a got a nice chunk of change to Headline Politicon , probably $75,000 to $100,000 . I guarantee she got at least $100,000 to be on the Match Game


    1. Rex,
      Wow, you are very knowledgable, How much has the family had to spend on attorneys to keep all the kids out of jail, and supplied with drugs?


      1. She has 2 adult kids who have jobs and homes of their own. 2/3 have never had legal problems that would result in jail and the third, a private person who had no serious problems before people started stalking his family, has never had problems that should result in jail.


      2. Sighs,
        I call bullshit. Bristol has a home. Bristol has numerous bastard kids all with different fathers and WTF does she do for a job? Willow would have been in juvenile hall for the vandalism if her mother weren’t the governor at the time. Track, well, Track is an unmitigated mess with multiple problems. He is basically non-functional as an adult. So where did you come up with the 2/3? Willow seems to work occasionally, but the others? No jobs that would fully support any of them. Lazy and entitled brats one and all.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. She couldn’t have made $580k on the home because of commissions paid to the realty company who sold the home, legal and any other closing costs (her portion). She also had to pay maintenance costs, utility costs and possibly property taxes since the house was on the market for some time. Also, if the home wasn’t a primary residence, she will also have to pay capital gains tax.


    1. /tigerWondering,
      Maybe Sarah could buy each child their own trailer, but make them responsible for paying for their own septic service each month.


  3. Malia,
    This house and very cheap pool are a RIP OFF for this price! There isn’t even a view of an ocean or a beach. And this pool is the cheapest thing that I have ever seen. Verdict: Someone just got majorly ripped off.


  4. Well another weak has gone by and I have been hired as the chief accountant of Sarah pac. I have been falling a lot lately ever since tripp stole the front wheels off my wheel chair to make a skateboard. Todd really thinks I will be a great fall guy for sarah pac, I hope I don’t let him down.

    I reviewed the numbers today and things don’t look to bad. Stealing from the collection plates at church has really picked up. Todd soaks the sheeples hands in glue and when they put in a penny they really haul out a bunch of cash.

    We hired dr. mehoff to set up a dental clinic at the old folks home. It amazing how much gold and silver fit into a tooth cavity. It like the great Alaskan gold rush.

    Todd got the check from the sale of the Arizona house yesterday. He paid off his bookie his meth operators and a few local politicians. He still had enough to invest in “lucky” his favorite horse. He was not happy though when “luckys” chest exploded coming around turn three. Sometimes when you fix a horse race you have to just get the right amount of meth in the horse. No investment is a guarantee.

    Todd has been working hard all day melting the “medal of honor ” medal he borrowed from Dakota and a bag of teeth from dr. mehoff. If all goes well he is going to invest in some hookers and blow at the indian casino tonight.

    I think it is great how he helps out his indian brothers. Last week when he was selling them liquer and guns in the parking lot he gave them free bullets. There is nothing sdder than a drunk indian shooting an empty gun in the air with no bullets.

    Bristol has been pulling her weight lately.she is getting on a tv show called ” who is the father”. Its pretty cool. She brings one of her litter on stage and you only get 50 questions to guess who the father is. She has been winning for 50 days strait. People are not even close on most of them. They have not got the race or continent right on even one baby daddy.

    I have to get back to doing accounting stuff. If I do well enough todd says trump will make me the fall guy for the entire federal reserve.


    1. painchipeater,
      Keep us posted on the numbers! I hear that the price of gas is up a little,so the cost of arson is really getting out of hand.


  5. Deplorable Donnie is filthy stinking rich. Disgustingly rich. Believe him! Okay? That he can tell you! He steadfastly refuses to release his tax returns because: (a) he’s being audited by the IRS; (b) his returns are five feet thick and would confuse his poorly educated fan base, or in the alternative, the said poorly educated fan base couldn’t care less about his taxes; (c) his returns would be critically reviewed by accountants and other suspected liberals, to be followed by questions, opinions, conclusions, and other distractions from the hostile unfair news media; (d) Junior, Eric, Ivanka, and Melania have forbidden him from releasing his returns; (e) Rudy G has forbidden him from releasing his returns; (f) Putin has forbidden him from releasing his returns, and he always listens to Putin; (g) Hillary’s already released her returns, so what’s the point?; (h) he had bone spurs and avoided the military draft; (i) he’ll be the healthiest President of all times, even healthier than William Henry Harrison; and (j) whatever.

    Being a man of means and a compassionate God-fearing Evangelical Christian, The Donald should go out his way to provide much needed financial aid for the poor and downtrodden. A sign of his generosity would be a $10M deposit in a Swiss bank account in Sarah’s name. That amount is mere pocket change or beer money to The Donald, but it’s enough to have a huuuge impact on the less fortunate. If spent wisely and frugally, that amount should be enough to carry the entire Palin Clan through the Winter. Or most of the Winter, at least. If they piss it away on shoes and clothes and sex workers, he can tell his fans to beat the crap out of ’em.


    1. Sorry, the Swiss Account possibility has gone by the wayside. No American is allowed to open any Swiss account anymore. Many of the other European countries frown upon Americans, too, thanks to a new IRS law, where any bank that has an American custome rhas to provide all kinds of information, which is actually none of the IRS’s business. I grew up in Switzerland, and when I went back a few years ago, I wanted to open a simple savings account. Could not do it. My daughter actually lived there for a year and unfortunately closed her account when she moved. When she tried to open another account a month later, the new law had come up, and ahe was refused.
      No idea, how American workers in Switzerland are getting paid now.
      In England, where my daughter now lives and works, there was only ONE bank that was willing to let her open an account. All the others completely balked.


  6. Wanna bet the PAC paid for that house/mausoleum? And the sale proceeds will go directly into her bank account. So when that bank account is depleted, what will she do for money?

    My hope is that the entire adult bunch ends up homeless.


    1. A nony mouse,
      I bet the PAC took out a loan for the house, and they’ve been making interest payments on it. Funny thing would be that if the PAC owned the house, the PAC would get the benefit of any appreciation in value.


  7. I would not wear ANY of those shoes to a dogfight.

    The fun part is that she continues to outdo her trashy get-ups each and every time!
    Some people are saying, I mean, I’ve been hearing from other people, she might twist an ankle in those ill fitting clodhoppers. Terrible thing. It could happen. I’m just saying.


    1. laurensd1,
      This post didn’t have anything to do with her shoes, but I think I’m so amazed that Granny Palin would wear these, that I just keep finding a reason to use them.


      1. The phony patriots only know the colors red, white and blue and camouflage. It’s overdone to prove something to her phony small base. Palin is AIP so how patriotic can she be?


  8. I wonder how much Sarah paid for that engagement ring that wound up on Bristol’s finger. That would have helped to dent the debt. It warms my heart to hear she might be broke, even more so if the IRS opens an investigation on that PAC because they’ll find most of the money was spent on her family and not on supporting other TP candidates as she had claimed some time ago…and then the IRS fines her!

    Hopefully this means that the Palin era of word salads and unabashed stupidity has come to an end.


      1. I can guarantee Sarah did not pay for her ring. Dakota’s way too romantic. Her family doesn’t live off it. People are stupid, hateful, and reaching.


  9. The photo of Sarah in the white dress & black shoes that she wore to the SNL event are the same shoes that Bristol is wearing in her latest instagram post for her “date night”. I believe I recall seeing Bristol also wearing that white dress on some occasion.


  10. Sarah only has 2 kids who are dependents and Piper has a job like her siblings did at that age. That leaves Trig.

    Again, what does her PAC have to go with her personal life? It doesn’t fund that stuff. It funds any politically related events and personnel.

    Strangers commenting on strangers finances is psychotic.


    1. Sighs,
      Sarah doesn’t want to be a stranger. Remember when she asked “Do you know who I am?” Who is the other child that is a “dependent” besides Trig? How do you know them?


    2. Alicia/sighs You don’t know any of the Palins, and they HATE your silly little stalking self. Most of SarahPac goes to ‘postage’/ family members, Track’s legal fees, and nannies for Bristol’s 4 babies.


    3. In theory PAC monies should be used on things of a political nature. Sarah PAC has spent more money on consultants, travel, postage than on political contributions. If you go to Open Secrets, do the math year over year and see what you come up with. People have been talking about her questionable and often suspect spending for years which brings me to my next point.

      Sarah Palin is a public figure. This means that she is fair game to talk about unless what is said or written breaks the law. Sarah can then sue provided she can withstand meeting legal requests, depositions and quantify her damages. Her PAC asks people to contribute money to her “ahem” cause therefore, it too is public in nature.

      Why are you even here if you do not like what is being said or written? If you want to be a contrarian or a defender of the Palin’s, at least write something intelligent.

      Malia, please continue doing the fine work you have done so far.


      1. Leeds,
        Thank youfor your support! I will keep writing, and I am about to settle my FOIA Suit, and there may be a book after that. I’ll keep you apprised!


  11. tRump brags about being rich. This raises many doubts. Really rich people have enough class to quietly go about their business, not bragging. He claims he loves women, and that they love him. Since he has had to buy his wives, that raises questions. I wonder why he does not attract American women, he goes for foreign ones? Too smart for the Con? Maybe by the time the foreign wives find out who he truly is, it is too late, they are trapped. Poor, poor Donald. Seems EVERYTHING about him is a sham. Wait until KellyAnne Conway finds out her paychecks are bouncing!! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She will go ballistic, since she has made a complete fool of herself, defending him. tRump has everyone sign confidentiality agreements, they are forbidden to tell the truth about him. Maybe THAT is why $carah has to keep her mouth shut (for once).


    You really got mom this time. Thank you for not posting pictures of our SarahPac sponsored Sarah Palin 2011 Summer Family Vacation to the east coast. It was really expensive flying everybody plus gramps, grandma and our cousins. Do you know how much it cost to buy new clothes, stay at expensive hotels and fine dining? It was crazy ridiculous.

    Also thank you for not posting the family’s houseboat pictures and my horseback riding in Los Cabos
    – Willo


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