Sarah Palin’s E-mail to Obama-Thanks for Remembering Who I Am!

Sarah Palin wouldn’t normally tell President Obama anything because he usually doesn’t acknowledge that she exists.  However in an break from his typical effort to ignore Sarah Palin, Obama made a joke at Palin’s expense, during which he mentioned Sarah’s name.


Obama was mocking Sarah’s previous sarcastic remarks when she said, “How’s that Hopey- Changey thing working out for ya?”

Obama was mocking Sarah’s remarks because he has delivered on the “hopey changey” thing.

Sarah was so excited about being mentioned, by name, by the President, that she made sure everyone reading her Facebook knew President Obama remember who she was.  She didn’t really have a message for anyone reading, other than the fact that her name had been mentioned.  She said:  “I’d normally tell President Obama to quit the comedy and stick to his day job, but….”  I think what she really wanted to do was to send him this e-mail:


To: The Winner of the 2008 election

From: The Undefeated Loser of the 2008 election,


the half-term ex-Governor of Alaska,

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hugs Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell after she announced she would be stepping down as Governor in Wasilla, Alaska on Friday July 3, 2009. The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the surprise announcement, saying she would step down July 26 but didn't announce her plans. (AP Photo/The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, Robert DeBerry) ** MANDATORY CREDIT: THE MAT-SU VALLEY FRONTIERSMAN, ROBERT DEBERRY; ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS OUT **

Grandma to 3 or 4 1/2 children conceived out of wedlock,


ex-Fox News Commentator,


family brawler,

mother to the man who assaulted his pregnant girlfriend,


wife of the most famous pimp in Alaska,


promoter of torture,

supporter of the mad-man running for President,


friend to pedophile,

palin-duggar-and-girls palin-duggar-bristol

friend of man who supports statutory rape,


friend of another man who supports statutory rape,


friend to another man who hangs out with rapists,


ex-supporter of the mad-man who shut down the government,


defender of people who call people “retard” and “nigger”,


victim of blood libel,

supporter of Republican politicians who plagarize speeches of democrats,



supporter of candidates who won’t appear in public with me,


supporter of witches

supporter of people who hunt witches,


supporter of losers from across the country,


avid reader,


friend of Glen Rice,



famous cocaine snorter,

consummate liar,
and fitness guru.
Hey President!  Thanks for remembering who I am!

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s E-mail to Obama-Thanks for Remembering Who I Am!

Add yours

  1. I cannot think of an elegant way to describe Sarah’s life.

    How does this sound?
    “It sure has been a shit show!”

    Her “Mama Grizzly thingey” turned into a goat rodeo….and so on……


  2. Malia – The Wasilla loon is such an idiot! Sarah took what Obama said about her “hopey changey” comments as a compliment! For Obama to acknowledge her must have been a dream come true. She is pathetic!

    Sarah endorsed Trump, but she hasn’t been attending any of his events or rally’s or campaigning for him. There are only 52 days until the election. Wonder what the real story is behind why Trump dumped her? All she does is cut and paste articles from IJR to her Facebook and Twitter and occasionally post a new photo, but for the most part she has been MIA.
    On another blog someone said they saw her in a hardware store around the same time she posted her “rock running” incident photos. But, when she was seen in the hardware store, there were no signs of a black eye or foehead injury. Wonder when the “rock running” incident really took place?


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