Trump Lies, then Lies About Who First Told the Lie



Donald Trump refused, and continues to refuse, to admit that President Obama is a natural born US Citizen.



Now he repeatedly states that Hillary Clinton initiated the birther controversy.  PolitiFact,, and the Washington Post Fact-Checker have debunked this zombie claim multiple times.  Trump continues to say that Hillary was the one who started the birther controversy, in spite of repeatedly being shown to be lying.



2 thoughts on “Trump Lies, then Lies About Who First Told the Lie

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  1. This might be another Gold Star Family-sized gaffe for Trump. After 5 years of innuendo and no proof that he even sent the investigators to Hawaii, Trump looks like a 1st-class Asshole and an almighty liar.

    The press, online and on TV, are coming down on him hard. Let’s hope that moderate Republicans have had enough of him and will speak out against him HARD…finally.


    1. BW
      As he rises in the polls I find myself more scared than I have ever been about the future of our country! We survived the Civil War because of a strong leader. I don’t know how we could survive a Trump Presidency.


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