Hey Sarah, We Are Still Waiting for an Apology!


Sarah Palin’s most recent Facebook post advertises her son-in-law’s return from “Hiring Our Heroes” and a gratuitous reference to Former President George W. Bush, and a pitch for his new book.

Sarah uses every opportunity and person she can to pretend to care about the military.  Now that Dakota Meyer is her son-in-law she is using him to attempt to further promote herself as aligned with the military.
Here’s the problem.  Palin is a Donald Trump supporter and promoter.  Trump has insulted and alienated members of the military when he dishonored the Gold Star Family of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim American, killed in Iraq in 2004.  Khan was killed protecting his troops from a suspicious car.  Kahn ordered the other soldiers to step back, protecting them, as he knowingly endangered himself as he approached the car.   The car blew up. Khan was killed.  His Christian troops were protected.  A Muslim soldier gave his life for his fellow Christian soldiers.
Trump insulted the parents of Khan. Dakota Meyer demanded an apology.  Trump has still not apologized.

Sarah Palin should apologize for using Dakota Meyer to promote herself when she has not withdrawn her support for Trump in light of his hateful remarks about this Gold-Star family.  Trump has never apologizedto the family so it appears there is a fundamental disagreement between Dakota Meyer and Sarah Palin.  Shouldn’t Sarah resolve that controversy before she promotes herself by using her connection to Meyer?


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  1. Trumps position is understandable. He does not like soldiers that have been captured. If you think about it they basically went awol and still are getting paid. The trump plan would tax those soldiers because the sit around all day or are tied up.

    Sarah does not like soldiers who sacrifice their life for the usa who are mulslims. Because if they do, they get to see alah with 52 virgins or something. She knows that is bs because she has never seen a virgin in her life.

    Its all how you look at it. Some say the jack danials bottle is half full and others say I am half in the bag.

    There are a ton of questions to be answered here. If they are a real gold medal family where is the gold medal?. How much gold is in the medal? where do they keep it at night./ What is the melt price for gold these days.

    All these unanswered questions make one wonder when this family will apologize to sarah or at least give her a chunk of the medal.

    In the taco bell supreme court decision “Sarah vs reality” they published their decision. Its basically the same thing as one of the lord todds 10 demandments.

    UMM I forgot where I was going with this. I need to get the gas leak fixed I am getting a wicked stomah ache in my head.
    Long live comrade trump or something.


  2. What about Hillary Clinton
    She should apologize and tell to the truth to gold star families that died in Benghazi and about the deleted emails oh I forgot the play and pay to the Clinton foundation
    You are so bias


    1. Hussein Achmed,
      Whatever complaint you have with Hillary regarding Benghazi has nothing to do with this post about Trump, Palin, and Meyer. Just because I’m critical about Trump’s behavior regarding the Khan family this is in no way a commentary on Benghazi!


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