There is No Excuse for Sarah Palin!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Sarah Palin sought sympathy for her injuries to her head and face.

palin injured

She claimed she fell on her face while rock-running.  Nobody was there to film Sarah when she fell.  I suspect it might have looked like this:


Now Palin uses Facebook to focus on Hillary stumbling into a van when she had pneumonia.  The funny thing is that Hilallry had pneumonia as an excuse for her fall.  There is no excuse for Sarah.


9 thoughts on “There is No Excuse for Sarah Palin!

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  1. Malia,
    In the years since we have known Sarah, everyone can agree that
    Sarah is a very mentally sick person. SARAH is unhealthy, not Hillary. Sarah needs psychiatric help. Sarah does not go to work. Instead, Sarah sits behind a computer screen all day smearing people; smearing people that she has never even met!


    1. Zora,
      The sad thing is that she could have used her celebrity status for some good cause,but instead the only causes she seems to care about are slamming people and finding ways to promote herself.


  2. I wonder who makes the subtle eyeshadow in that lovely shade of violet? Kinda reminds me if Liz Taylor in “Blue Velvet.” Those gorgeous lavender eyes.
    Also, less orange tone in the foundation doesn’t seem to be as obviously aging by a long shot.
    All in all, a good everyday look for Sarah.


  3. Malia,
    Remember in 2008 when Sarah was campaigning with John Mccain, Sarah went jogging and crashed onto the ground and injured herself badly? She made the Secret Service swear to secrecy. She didn’t want anyone to know that she fell violently. And now in 2016 she has crashed again while running and injured herself violently. Why is she picking on Hillary?
    She is worse than Hillary.


    1. Zora,
      Most people would be aware that anyone could fall so you don’t make fun of them. However when she has recently falled, and hurt herself sufficiently that she went to the hospital, how could she possibly feel it’sok to criticize Hillary for falling?


  4. What I noticed went beyond the stupid Sarah, still being so militantly stupid, was the plastic surgery, (new) and those big breasts that stand straight up …lololol….omg, she is so obvious and just too stupid to realize how obvious she is being. Sarah doesn’t realize her shine has dulled, and even trump doesn’t want her around. He is trying to save his candidacy and would rather try to attract Bernie’s people than sarah and her ilk. I can’t stand trump and of course, I don’t want Hillary so since Bernie is out, I have to vote with my values and am going Jill.


  5. Another thing I forgot to add about sarah is why is she wearing fake eyelashes and so much makeup rock running. another term for running trails. lol But sarah always tries to make more of what she does. Unless she is jumping boulders, etc, which is not “rock running” but maybe she is referring to running with a backpack referred to in the army as “ruck running”. Oh poor sarah, always trying to be more than she is and for the life of me, don’t understand why she tries to use the term rock running instead of running trails. Finish college sarah, and really graduate this time, so you can finally show your degree. lol Sarah has a non accredited degree in lies. Last but not least, she is not and never has been the athlete she pretends to be. Even her dad revealed that in interview in “08 when he said she was not athletic but she had determination. She never won anything athletically. But today, she is lucky, there is zero fact checking in our so called “journalists” with politicians of the party they support, plenty about an opponent whether it is fox fact checking Hillary, or CNN and MSNBC fact checking trump. Never independent factchecking because it is the appropriate thing to do regardless of who one is for. lol That is why I also get my news from independent sites known for factchecking everything and the only news I watch is RT America, the best truth source we have on our tv now.


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