Sarah Palin Celebrates the Misfortune of Others

During the 2008 campaign,the most devastating interviews of Sarah Palin were those of Katie Couric.  Here are just a few of my favorites:



Couric’s “gotcha questions” included asking what Palin thinks about the economy, what newspapers she reads, any Supreme Court decision she disagrees with other than Roe vs. Wade, and what foreign policy experience she has.  Sarah couldn’t complain about the editing of her answers, as they were outlandishly stupid without any editing!  Palin couldn’t complain about the questions as they were each broad general questions that anyone running for President or Vice President should have been able to easily answer.  In the Sarah, Barracuda, fashion she attacked Couric, suggesting that the questions were unfair, rather than that she was incapable of formulating an intelligent response.

Palin has gleefully announced on Facebook the filing of a suit against Couric and others for defamation related to a documentary on guns.  Typical of Palin’s run-on sentences she says:

“It’s a shame it takes a lawsuit to force journalists to acknowledge their unethical practices, but if their clouded conscience lets them sleep at night amidst feeding the public lies, then litigation must awaken them to the public’s right and expectation to read, see and hear truth.”

Obviously,Palin herself couldn’t sue Couric for defamation as the editing of her interviews was obviously accurate.  However even in the gun documentary,the Plaintiffs were unable to cite anything that was inaccurate.  Instead they only complained  that:

“The defendants manipulated the footage in service of an agenda: they wanted to establish that there is no basis for opposing universal background checks by fooling viewers into believing that even a panel of pro-Second Amendment advocates could not provide one.”
Plaintiff alleges that “The fictional exchange is defamatory because it holds the plaintiffs up as objects of ridicule by falsely representing that, as experts in their respective pro-Second Amendment trades, they had no basis for their opposition to universal background checks.”  The complaint is simply that the film includes a segment in which Couric asks members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?” In the footage shown in the film, her question appeared to be received by blank stares and an 8-second silence. However, audio acquired by conservative site Ammoland seems to indicate that there was no pause and the crowd responded to Couric’s question immediately.

It seems unlikely that the Plaintiffs would prevail in this case as they are not complaining about something Couric said that was untrue.  Remember that truth is a defense in any defamation suit.  However Plaintiffs have asserted that the editing was deceptive because it included a longer pause than what actually existed.  Palin can’t even complain that Couric added any pauses in her answers. The message is that Palin celebrates unfortunate things happening to any person she perceives to be her enemy.  It sorta like wishing death to Hillary because she is running against Trump.




4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Celebrates the Misfortune of Others

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  1. it’s not about misfortune. EVERY major network does this and Sarah knows this firsthand. Now, she is first to admit some did perform poorly in some interview in 08, and gave some Biden-esque answers. (irony that the two VPs had the same flaw. Though Biden was hidden more from the public)

    This is about the media being forced to stop manipulating the public. Way too many reporters are forced to throw good people under the bus to push an agenda. Many an innocent citizen in Wasilla was hurt when bad people twisted their positive memories of their friend Sarah. This is fact. And it happens to everyone or all politcal beliefs.not just her. Malia ,you’re an example of irresponsibility with your slander and gullibility. You reprint media lies and slander kids.


    1. Sighs,
      If you send me a link to credible source to show that anything I’ve reported is incorrect, I’ll publish a retraction or modification. I work hard to provide links to the sources of all information I report. For example before I called Todd a pimp I invited both Todd and his attorney to deny the allegation. Guess what. Neither ever responded.


  2. Poor Sarah. (Sighs)

    She just cannot catch a break from the media, can she? All along she has been reaching out to her Wasilla community to assuage any perceived damage the media did by continuing her efforts to make education and social change a top priority. She has managed to do this and raise a wonderfully well-rounded family while contributing countless hours of service to her church.. Her days are filled with doing for others. It’s a wonder she isn’t running for the highest office in the land!

    Actually: Sarah is a mean vicious shallow bitch whose narcissism is only surpassed by the orange gasbag running for president. Her spite and vitriol coupled with astonishing ignorance have no boundaries of common sense or decency. She is a grabby corrupt and lying childlike piece of worthless protoplasm. Always has been, always will be a third rate drifter of vulgarity.

    And why is it that she is vainly proud of looking like white trash as she ages grotesquely?
    And that is giving her a compliment.


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