Sarah Palin Fans Wish Death to Hillary from Pnamonia!



Daily Banter has just released a few choice excerpts of Palin fans’ comments regarding health concerns for Hillary.  The charitable Christian spirit of Sarah’s fans comes shining through in the comments: 

Orry Patton Well good be mad at me if I ask there be no antibiotic for this strain of pnamonia? Ok fine. God please heal her so she can keep killing us off.

Glen Crifasi Put her down, euthanasia has its use

Duvan J Rodriguez God’s punishment, she is evil and will get sick in the presence of good.




9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Fans Wish Death to Hillary from Pnamonia!

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  1. Despicable. Palin and her pals belong in that basket Hillary spoke of on the weekend. They give a bad name to “Christianity.” Of course we all know they ignore Christ’s ‘socialistic’ teachings, including the Golden Rule. This kind of hate talk is reprehensible…and scary.

    Malia — On another topic, I just read this important article in Newsweek regarding Trump secretive financial ’empire’, which in turn explains why he doesn’t want to release his tax info. This is serious stuff that I hope mainstream media pick up as major news:


    1. We went through decades of wars to enrich and protect U.S. corporations linked to Cheney and Bush. The tangled, secretive mess the Trump family owns creates a whole new dimension of possible foreign conflicts.
      Will the word challenged Trump Twits be willing to fight in Europe, Africa, and Asia to protect their President’s interests?


  2. Melania Trump can put her fingers up inside Donald Trump’s MANus all day long if she wants to because Melania is Donald’s wife and therefore the luckiest woman on the planet, the envy of all women, who can French kiss him all day on all his body parts….mmmmmmmmmmelania.


  3. So. Palin’s are home and quietly helping to elect trump. Malia, you and several others have researched and exposed russian/palin aip area. Palin’s are hackers from way back in her elections, They have Russian connections/women/hacking/military/ss/etc. Todd was a contractor and pimp right?

    Trump owns many many types of companies in several countries. His loyal students, actors, real estate, internet/media, resorts, law enforcement, food and bar service etc and possible snowden, and intel have coordinated this national wide take over. It is a coordinated effort and has affected millions of innocent americans.

    I hope the good people of this country and world drag these criminals out and expose their hateful agenda to harm America. There is victim after victim and their families from this coordinated criminal effort. You can read it in comments on articles. Americans have been attacked on all levels.

    Anyone that have donated to Dem ACT Blue or Obama or Hillary since 08.
    Anyone with certain routers.
    Anyone in Education.
    Anyone against tea party, republicans, etc.


    CERTAIN mentally ill angry congress and house members, educators, medical ins excutives, security corp., intel, pharma, physicians, lawyers, law enforcement, military, ceo’s and yes assauage/snowden/pootin have enabled him to pull this off.

    Anyone that defends trump.

    Famous wealthy people with mental illness is not good.


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