Concerns Over Trump’s Mental Health Trumps Concerns Over Hillary’s Physical Health

The recent bout of pneumonia has renewed concerns about Hillary’s physical health.  Yet even in spite of concern that Hillary has physical health issues, the greater concern is that Donald Trump suffers from a variety of mental illnesses.

While the note from Trump’s gastro-enterologist has assured people that Trump will be the healthiest President ever, that wouldn’t be a good thing if he was mentally ill.   However even Trump’s physical health is now being questioned.  The initial concern is that it appears Trump wrote the letter he produced that was allegedly from his doctor.  Next, it was thought Trump was going to have a physical exam and release the results to the public.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Monday that he plans to release results from a recent physical examination.  “The Donald thinks health is an issue and that was the reason he had a physical examination in the last week.

“I’ll be releasing when the numbers come in. Hopefully, they’re going to be good. I think they’re going to be good. I feel great,” he said. “But when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing … very, very specific numbers.”


Now it appears Trump isn’t going to release the specific numbers,or even the doctor’s report of his exam.  Instead he is going to appear on the Dr. Oz show. He is going to have the Republican supporter, Dr. OZ, “interpret” the doctor’s report. 


There is no indication that Trump has ever been evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Certainly there is no indication that he has consented to such an evaluation now.  The problem is that voters are more concerned about the mental health of the candidates than their physical health.

In a recent survey, less than half (44 percent) of voters feel Clinton’s health will impact her ability to serve.

But, voters are looking for more transparency from both candidates.

Seven in 10 voters (71 percent) – up 10 percent since August – said presidential candidates should be required to release a letter from their physician saying they are physically fit to serve.  However EVEN MORE voters,  78 percent, feel that the candidates should be required to submit a similar letter about their mental health.  This is clearly a commentary on the mental health, or lack thereof, of Donald Trump.


However the Clinton campaign should do all it can to dispel the rising concerns of voters about her health.  In a recent survey, two in 10 (22 percent) people surveyed feel Clinton’s health is above average or excellent.  That represents a decline from 29% from a survey conducted in  late August. Additionally, 41 percent now say it is below average or very poor, compared to only 26 percent who said that in August.



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  1. I have watched dr oz in past years. He is a republican, muslim, and holds dual citizenship with Turkey. He is a great cardio doc in NY. Is trump interviewing dr oz for his new tv trump network? or a floor at the towers? Dr oz appears to be neutral and on fence.


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