Frightening Video Documenting Multiple Possible Parkinson’s Concerns for Hillary

The following video came to my attention doing research into Hillary’s recent fall.  Certainly I’m a strong proponent of anyone but Trump.  Certainly I am concerned for Hillary from a personal standpoint if she does suffer from Parkinson’s.  However America needs to know if our strongest candidate against Trump does have  a medical condition that would make it hard to serve.  If she does,i t is not too late to nominate someone else.  I am simply encouraging everyone to reach your own conclusions.  If there is a problem,then let’s address it before we get too close to ensuring a win by Donald Trump.

8 thoughts on “Frightening Video Documenting Multiple Possible Parkinson’s Concerns for Hillary

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  1. Malia, this isn’t like you. This Dr. Noel is a conspiracy theorist and crony of Alex Jones. Look at Snopes for a detailed rebuttal of his points. Yes, if Mrs. Clinton is ill with a debilitating disease, it would be better to replace her now, but that is not the case.


    1. physicsmom,
      I don’t want to do anything to support Trump, but if think this raises some questions, a lot of people do. The video has over 1 Million views, so we are deluding ourselves to think that this isn’t going to be an issue in the election. Until now I didn’t feelthis was worthy of even addressing. Now I think her campaign should take the questions seriously and address them head on. I’m unsure what to think but I think we need answers. With Trump there aren’t even any questions. We already know the answers. I just want the Democratic Party to deal with the issue before its too late to designate another candidate. what a nightmare if Hillary was the nominee and had to be hospitalized right before the election! I don’t want to think about the possibility that anything would happen that would propel Trump into the White House! It is the worst possibility of my lifetime. Until now the thought of Sarah Palin as the Vice President was an unimaginable possibility. Now the thought of Trump becoming PRESIDENT is a nightmare from which I can’t wake-up.


  2. Malia – When I saw the video of Hillary where her legs buckled as she walked with assistance to the van at the 9/11 event, my heart ached for her. My first thought was that she had suffered a stroke. Then, when she went to her daughter’s home and not to her doctor’s office or to a hospital, I honestly thought she probably was overheated, dehydrated, and exhausted.
    What is interesting, though, is that we have listened to the orange fat ass Trump and other GOP and RW nut jobs like Rudy Giuliani pontificating about Hillary’s health for weeks leading up to this. Which begs the question, who knew about her illness and when did they know?


    1. Sharon,
      I too thought it was just conspiracy theorists and have dismissed the remarks for a long time. However watching this video was impactful and educational. I didn’t realize just how many events have happened. I have seen clips of her wide eyes and wondered how they got those pictures, as I assumed they were exaggerated. Now I’m not so sure.


  3. I am more concerned about trump and inherited Alzheimer. He is 70. Pence is dense and we cannot allow an abusive dangerous 6 foot ape suffering from Alzheimer to be controlled by Russians in the wh. NOPE.


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