Stephen Colbert on Trump’s Health

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  1. Every step of the way, Trump seems to be testing the ignorance of American voters. He has access to the best medical facilities in the country in New York City. This “Wag the Dog” campaign uses Jerry Garcia’s brother as a medical expert. Find and watch the Richard Gere movie “Power” and see what really goes on in the marketing of a candidate. You will see how Trump is doing the opposite.


  2. Malia, out of all due respect to all families suffering and all americans. If Donald trump was diagnosed or had symptoms of Alzheimer disease would he be ok to serve as president? According to articles his father and grandfather died of pneumonia and his father suffered from complications of Alzheimer disease for 6 years prior to death. Both died fairly young. This could be an important issue up for discussion in future politics. It could also bring huge attention for a cure and hope for many families of this terrible genetic disease.

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  3. Hilarious!

    Did Trump’s doc and Sarah’s Dr. Kathy Baldwin go to med school together?
    Or just take undergrad journalism by correspondence?

    Flashes of brilliance, those letters.
    Said no one ever.

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