Sarah Palin, the Victim of a Funny Typo!

The Lame-Stream Media has committed another Blood Libel on Sarah Palin.  This time it is the International Business Times that has victimized this helpless female celebrity.  On the one hand they complimented Sarah by putting her in a group of “celebrities.”  They didn’t comment on her wildly inappropriate black shoes worn with Bristol’s white dress.  There was no reference to the hair extensions or plastic surgery that seemed obvious from this single picture.


There was no mention of the tanned hand we have come to associate with the white dress.



The caption below Sarah’s picture reads:

“As Miss Wasilla, the former Governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President placed third in the 1894 Miss Alaska pageant. Larry Busacca/Getty Images”  Of course the year of the competition was 1984, rather the 1894.  However, the may be a second mistake.  ‘The International Business Times reported that Sarah came in third place.  Checking a variety of sources, it is unclear whether Sarah was second runner-up, or  first runner up.  What is clear is that she was a loser.  If you’re not first, your last.  


18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, the Victim of a Funny Typo!

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  1. Last with 2 keg barrels for legs is what someone said once!!. Right now she lives too close to russia to attend the rump roast and ass kissing fiasco. IM says a meltdown is in progress.


      1. It must be from sitting on the bench in hs basketball class (: and then the ivanka weight loss drug helped bring skinny bony legs to all.


  2. I guess she forgets to wash her hands a lot. At least I have read that several times. The tan hand seems to indicate that. She ushered in a time when hate speech was alright and Donald Trump is living proof of having accomplished that. He gets a pass every time. Palin got lots of passes from the press too, way too many. The Donald has taken full advantage of her crassness and run with it.


  3. I was watching my House dvd’s and on one episode House noticed the man on video with tanned discolored hands and diagnosed him with Hep C, from cocaine use. Maybe that is what Sarah has, and not spray tan in a can. She does love her drugs.


  4. Don’t be jealous cause she’s bombshell still…she is still a better person than our next president in my opinion and people appreciate someone that bumbles their words more than an articulate person who they can’t understand at times (Jill Stein)…sad but true. People who rather listen to George Bush mess up his speech than hear a historical one from fdr or jfk


    1. Destro,
      I can’t count the number of times people have commented that I am jealous! Be assured that I may be many things, but jealous is not one of them!!!You are delusional if you think she is a “bombshell”! I’m almost 60 years old and I don’t know of a single woman over 50 who I would consider a “bombshell.”


  5. The next questions would be, how many single women were in Alaska in 1984? How many entered the event?
    I’m the smartest guy in my apartment, but also the dumbest.


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