Painchipeater Reports on His New Job With Roger Ailes and Donald Trump

It’s good to have an inside source to keep us updated on all things related to Roger Ailes and Donald Trump.


“Painchipeater” has provided never-before-reported information on his new job with Ailes and Trump:



My new job with ailes and trump is going well. I was assigned to building a wall in mir lago. Its not really a wall but a cage. Alies wants his harum under lock and key.

Todd was consulting on the project. He recommended shipping containers to store the woman like he does but Ailes wanted the chicks to be a little tanner so he wants to leave them out in the sun. It seems like a good idea.

He is also building a much smaller one to house some of the mutants in the flock. Sarah, coulter and greta are getting along. We decided to air condition their pen after it got so hot that all of their makeup and glue on body parts melted off.

When I first saw them melted it looked like Larry Moe and shemp. I thought he was making a new show based on the three stooges. When he was there he looked like a horny curly.

He came up with a new concept for the up coming trump tv. He is calling it ” Nakid and scared shitless” The three girls are stripped down and dropped off at a truck stop.

The first filming did not go well. A few of the truckers that did not shoot themselves have severe PTSD. He is thinking of renaming the show ” Zombie transvestites in paradise” I can’t wait to film the first episode.

I gotta go. I have an appointment with the death panel. Trump wrote me a letter of recommendation!!!

5 thoughts on “Painchipeater Reports on His New Job With Roger Ailes and Donald Trump

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  1. Malia –

    Please check out Gryphen’s most recent post on IM. It concerns Trump’s trip to Mexico.
    Do you suppose you could interest your journalist friend at the Dallas paper to do an article on this – since it does involve Texas? It is startling and a bit frightening. I have seen mention of this on a couple of other sites – but it needs more coverage.


    1. Pat,
      I’ll send him an e-mail, but I doubt he’ll be interested.He is more interested in covering corruption but tries to stay away from political matters per se.


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