“O.00” is the Amount Donald Trump Donated to 9-11 Victims Before Running for President


Most people who lived in New York on 9-11, and were really rich, donated thousands of dollars to charities and relief agencies.  $657 Million was raised in the three weeks following Sept. 11, 2001.  Congress passed a bill setting aside 7 Billion Dollars to provide for the victims of the attack,and their families. The average pay-out per family was $1.8 Million Dollars.

Instead of donating money to the victims, Trump cashed in. TAking the position of a “victim” Trump received a grant of $150,000 from the government  to compensate him for loss to his business that he didn’t sustain.

Michael Bloomberg gave 15 Million Dollars for the 9-11 museum.

Over one thousand foundations, corporations, and other institutional donors that made gifts in response to 9/11 • These donors gave over $1.1 billion in more than 4,500 gifts for relief and recovery efforts and for issues related to the attacks, e.g., bioterrorism and civil rights • Giving by institutional donors represented 39 percent of an estimated $2.8 billion in total private 9/11-related giving • 301 donors contributed in excess of $1 million each for relief and recovery • The median amount of giving per donor was $100,000 • Foundations and corporations in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) provided 52 percent of all giving.  Donald Trump was not one of them.



More than 14 years after the attacks, amid the New York primary, Trump made his first visit to the 9/11 memorial with reporters in a trailing media van. He declined to speak with them, as planned, but aides sent a photograph of Trump and wife Melania touring the memorial.  It wasn’t until recently, as Donald Trump is trying to brand himself as a charitable person, that he wrote a $100,000 check to the memorial from his foundation, an organization that largely distributes others’ money, as Trump has not donated to it since 2008. His campaign insists he has given large sums out of pocket to 9/11 charities, but reporters have struggled to find proof of any donations to those charities or even a single cash donation in the last five years. The candidate has yet to release his tax returns, which would show charitable giving.

Yesterday, I reported on Donald Trump, the least charitable billionaire.  However, the most patriotic and “New York” thing to donate money to, 9-11 charities, Trump has never supported until his recent contribution from his foundation, which is funded with other people’s money.

According to a thorough review, Trump didn’t see fit to give any of those millions of dollars he is always bragging about to help out the men, women, children, cops, firefighters, office workers.

It makes his efforts to help the victims in Florida of the Hurricane even more transparent,…and offensive.


Donald Trump doesn’t understand the definition of a “hero” or a “philanthropist.”

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  1. Yes, I was reading how he sat in his tower watching people jump. One would wonder if the Donald has any connections to recent terrorist attacks and some old ones too? He is appearing to be less and less American. His behavior is very odd along with those that defend him.


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