13 Photos of Sarah Palin Demonstrate She Didn’t “Dress to Impress”

Exception Magazine has published an article featuring 13 pictures of Sarah Palin to prove that she knows how to “dress to impress” and “can project her power in many ways”.

They probably missed these pictures:

melania trump naked

My bad!  That was the would-be first lady!

These are Sarah dressing to impress:

palin thanksgiving trig arm neckchockingpalin crazy glasses

April 26, 2013: Sarah Palin addresses The Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada at The Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mandatory Credit: INFphoto.com Ref: infusny-244|sp|
(green nail polish)







That’s 13, but I offer these additional shots which are some of my personal favorites:


Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010.  (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)


Sarah Palin and her husband outside of Fox News Studios Featuring: Sarah Palin Where: New York City, NY, United States When: 17 Jun 2013 Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com




4 thoughts on “13 Photos of Sarah Palin Demonstrate She Didn’t “Dress to Impress”

Add yours

  1. Hoochie mama almost made it to the white house looking like that too! RWers will vote for the worst of the worst in women men and policies. Dang that’s some ugly ass taste in shoes clothes makeup hair..just fricken cheap ugly.


  2. Wow she is right in there with the Russian Spy that seduced Snowden, anna chapman, pootins sexy nasty girlfriend. Trump model agency has been busy. Wow. I wonder if trump can see russia like todd and sara? Oh what a web of deceit …..close to Russia but too far from iowa. Espionage 101 for dummies.


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