Greta and Sarah Miss Out on Money Fox Pays to Sexually Harassed Women

Fox News has a history of hiring “hot” women to get ratings.

Fox News sells sex.


No Pants Allowed!




Roger Ailes admitted that he hired Sarah Palin because she was “HOT’ and got ratings.



Greta Van Sustern and Sarah Palin share two things in common.  They both worked for Fox.  They both have been released from their obligations at Fox.   Evidently Roger Ailes didn’t find either attractive since he never sexually harassed them.

6 thoughts on “Greta and Sarah Miss Out on Money Fox Pays to Sexually Harassed Women

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  1. Oh my…and sarah could of used those millions. I’m sure she’s going broke on the other millions she made with scams like trump. Its as if they’re twins separated at birth. No one calls on her because she’s stoned and froze out of her gord all the time! Makes no sense…just screeches–again–LIKE TRUMP! LOL! OMG those two are so much alike in ever single aspect. Even literally DUMB! But trump is a shark so he knows how to keep ripping off the dumb RWers. Pretty soon taxes will be due on her MILLIONS SHE GRIFTED FROM IDIOTS in red states. But she hasn’t had any word salad speeches and paid $100,000 for WORD SALAD! What fool in their right mind pays a nitwit that kind of money to talk? Either way they’ll be back in their trailor park in about two years. The bums will end up exactly the way they started


  2. Malia, Thank you for addressing the elephant in the Fox pen. These two ladies stand out by not being molested or not admitting it. With Greta, it adds fuel to the rumors of her sexual orientation and her marriage being a prop. She also may have been molested but is afraid they will out her if she files a suit. Same deal with Palin, they have dirt on her. Or Sarah is bi or a lesbian. She has a tremendous amount of rage toward men. Could be anger over having to play straight to keep donations coming in.


  3. Malia – And, Roger Ailes, got an unbelievable 40 million dollars as part of his severance package! Sarah and Greta are probably seething…

    I don’t watch FOX very often, and I don’t care for Megyn Kelly’s style of reporting, but thought this was interesting. The media raked Megyn Kelly over the coals when she wore a spaghetti strap top at the RNC. However, the media has given Melania Trump a pass for her choice of dress last night at the Commander in Chief Forum. Melania wore a spaghetti strap blue dress, fully exposing her cleavage! Needless to say, Melania was dressed inappropriately for a woman who might be the next FLOTUS!


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