Sarah Palin and Mark Burns Reveal Trump’s Calamitous Inability to Judge Character

The mere fact that Donald Trump advertised the endorsement of Sarah Palin was an indication of his total inability to judge character.


Sarah has a long and colorful history of being a hypocrite, a racist, a liar, uneducated, and just plain ignorant.



Donald Trump, desperate to improve his status with Black voters, identified one Black supporter who would speak out on behalf of Trump.  Whether Trump was desperate to find any Black supporter, or because he was too lazy to do his homework and check out who Mark Burns really was, Trump chose Mark Burns to speak on his behalf at the RNC.  The mere fact that Trump chose Mr. Burns is a clear indication that he views Blacks as a group of people who are all alike.  Blacks,like women, are viewed by Trump as inter-changeable.   When he sees a woman, he is incapable of evaluating her for anything other than her appearance.  When he sees a Black person, he is incapable of evaluating that person for anything other than the color of his skin.  Donald Trump’s past as a racist is undisputed.  Now there is proof that his attitude of bigotry and racism persists today.


This is the supporter Trump identified to speak on his behalf at the Republican National Convention.  It is a clear indication that Trump’s ability to evaluate the credentials and qualifications of a person begins and ends with the color of their skin.  Trump’s choice of this person to represent him at the RNC is a clear indication that Trump views this person as qualified to get the Black vote, simply because he is Black.  It never occurred to Trump that Blacks might not appreciate being  represented by this man who was clearly a fraud.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Mark Burns Reveal Trump’s Calamitous Inability to Judge Character

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    1. Shawn’s Mom,
      We wentto a Court ordered mediation two weeksago, and we are still workingon trying to resolve the dispute, witht he help of a Court Ordered mediator. I hope to know something by tomorrow, and will report as soon as I can.


  1. According to journalist researching. Trump and the buddy bank know exactly what their doing. A list of hacked professional and ordinary citizens are victims from either donating and voting democrat or crossed paths of this bundy bunch of fools. The buddy bank consist of many…..certain internet providers, certain media, producers, certain real estate and medical consultants, certain websites, certain insurance, attorneys, physicians, certain sheriffs, military, prison, gangs, groups, organizations, certain local, state and federal people. And best of all certain countries. Its the Donald buddy bank. A traveling gun show and circus act. Interviewing for positions and titles of his ship of fools. And like he screams. I can do anything and they will love and vote for me!!! Circle the wagons folks. 2008 all over again


      1. Just like 08 Malia. and here we are again, except don juan has a big push and bowel movement for that rump (-: we can do this!. Elect the first Woman President of USA and hope the rump goes away.


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