Donald Trump Sells Chance to Be With His Daughter!

Imagine my surprise while checking my e-mail when I realized that Ivanka Trump  had invited me to have coffee with her!  This is the e-mail:

Please see the message below from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee– a paid sponsor of Grassfire’s Citizen Revolt.


Make America Great Again


Want to grab a cup of coffee with me?

In our busy lives, it’s important to take a moment to unwind and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or tea.

I’d love to treat you to coffee here at campaign headquarters at Trump Tower.

With a campaign contribution of $3, you will automatically be entered to win a chance for a coffee break with me here in New York City.

We can discuss campaign strategy, compare notes about juggling work and family life, and whatever else you’d like to chat about.

So I hope you will enter today for a chance to grab coffee with me here in New York City at campaign headquarters at Trump Tower.

Contribute $3 today to automatically enter and let’s get coffee together!

Hope to see you soon!

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

On closer inspection I realized that she wasn’t inviting me to have coffee, but was inviting me to give money to her father.  It was only if I won a raffle that I might have a chance to meet her for coffee. Next I realized that she didn’t make any promises or representations about how the raffle would be conducted, how long we would visit, or when the coffee would occur.  Then I realized that I don’t even like coffee, I don’t like her father, and I don’t want to pay for coffee at Trump Tower.  I would like to “chat about” the indication that her father had sex with underage girls, but …on second thought, …I don’t think her Dad allows her to talk about that.  I am so disappointed.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Sells Chance to Be With His Daughter!

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  1. A “coffee break”. Big whoop-de-do. Offering something so menial shows how little the Trump campaign wants to have a ‘mere mortal’ near the hallowed family, esp. Queen Ivanka. Such condescension. Whatever happened to Trump’s pledge to finance his own campaign? I forgot. That was just something he said, but didn’t mean…like most of the blather from him.
    (At least on the Dems’ side one can win a chance to be at dinner with Hillary or in a plane going somewhere with her.)


  2. You could ask her about her father-in-law’s having used a prostitute to frame his brother-in-law – that sort of emotional stuff, untreated, finds its’ way through and down the generational gene pool, as ‘Molecules Of Emotion’ (thanks, Candace Pert). Epigenetics shows us this, and Bruce Lipton has done a wonderful job of opening up this ‘new science’, which 30 years ago the ‘Boys Club’ of science entirely rejected. Trump’s self-obsession is literally memorized in the genes from one generation to the next, and resultant environments keep latent the potential to be and do otherwise. Ignorance breeds ignorance.


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