Bristol Palin Sets the Standard for a “Biblical Marriage”


Does anyone care if Bristol Palin has children out of wedlock?  Does anyone care if Sarah Palin was pregnant before she married Todd?  


Does anyone care that Track got two different girls pregnant before marrying them?



The answer is that nobody would care, except that the Palins continue to spawn children out of wedlock, while pretending to be advocates of traditional marriage.  Bristol Palin has taken it a step too far.  If you thought her commercial  about abstinence was a joke, you wouldn’t be the first person.

If you thought her declaration on national television that she would remain abstinent after giving birth to Tripp, a child conceived out of wedlock, was laughable, you wouldn’t be alone.


If you were offended that the Born-again-virgin had a “trial marriage’ with Gino, by living with him, you wouldn’t be alone.


However the latest from Bristol has shocked readers from across the country.  She has taken her commitment to abstinence before marriage a step too far.  Her quote from Samaritan’s Purse on her blog defies logic and reason. It is a statement that is so absurd that some might think that a late-night comedian made it up.  It is not  a joke!  Bristol really quoted from the Samaritan’s Purse website as follows:

“The family spent several hours visiting and conversing with 10 military couples who are spending this week in southwestern Alaska where they are learning about God’s principles for a healthy, biblical marriage—especially on dealing with the stress that comes from combat injuries and lengthy overseas deployments.”

Yes, she really quoted a reference to “biblical marriage.”  What is “biblical marriage?”  You guessed right.  It is the recognition of the importance of a Christian marriage ceremony, performed between a heterosexual couple, of the same race, before engaging in sexual intercourse.  Here are quotes about a “biblical marriage.”



The liberal secularist agenda of multiculturalism and miscegenation through interracial marriage is in direct opposition to the natural order established by God.”

Human reproduction comes through intimate sexual union designed only for the marriage relationship. Cohabitation abuses the procreative nature of the marriage relationship….. The procreative injunction obviously precludes homosexual “marriages.”

Bristol is married to Dakota Meyer.  Dakota appears to be of the same race as Bristol, and he appears to be heterosexual.  However 2 out of 3 doesn’t qualify theirs as a “biblical marriage.”  The fact that Bristol had intercourse with multiple men before her marriage to Dakota would seem to disqualify hers as a “biblical marriage.”  Even Mary Magdalene was repentant.  Bristol seems to be proud to have a “biblical marriage” when she clearly does not.

bristol photoshopped sailor birth


14 thoughts on “Bristol Palin Sets the Standard for a “Biblical Marriage”

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  1. Malia,
    If you want to be really biblical, shouldn’t Bristol have married Levi, the father of her first child? She has to go back in time and marry Levi. Then she will have a biblical marriage. On second thought, she has had so much sex before marriage that she can never be biblical!


    1. Kind of creeps me out that strangers write about a stranger’s love life like they know her/him. For starters, that is how lies get created like when haters call her slutty when she isn’t remotely. (The average partner # is about 15. She’s had 4 boyfriends, 2 she was engaged to.) Which makes her a prude, especially when she blushes about risque things.

      Seriously guys. These blog posts and comments are creepy. It’s like you’re jealous.


  2. PALIN & GIRLS ARE TRAMPS TO THE CORE..the PALIN men are PIGS to the core! Your basic cheap run of the mill trashy white BS xtian family values family. Fricken disgusting. There are more SINGLE white MOMS than AA or Mexican. And more of THEM are on WELFARE THAN ANY OTHER RACE because red states ensure you stay a young stupid girl DON’T TAKE BC OR ANY PRECAUTION that would be SINFFUL to be cautious! But that way when you run around screwing everyone you can say you just had a HEALTHY WEALTHY BABY BIBLICAL MARRIAGE with 5 men behind you so you can pick who belongs to which child! And this is ever so holier than thou? Bristol just screws anything that has a R for repugnant republicans and W for white as hell in its name. The Palins will be POOR AND BROKE IN ABOUT 3 MORE YEARS…back to the TRAILOR PARK FOR THIS FILTH! No more two nice houses you ripped off Alaska citizens to build. You will pay for your cold blooded racist greedy existence. PALIN girls will have to apply for WELFARE because mom is coked up and blowing the money…the men never stay and this guy too with bristol is SHORTLIVED! THEY WILL DIVORCE very shortly. Just watch. What a cheap family.


  3. Malia – If Bristard wants to prove she has a “biblical” marriage with Dumkota, then why not attend the 10 day retreat and find out? Wonder how long that would last with those two freaks stuck together alone in a small cabin without cell phones, computers, and mommy dearest to bail her out? LOL


    1. Sharon,
      If they could leave the kids with a sitter they might do it! Imagine the number of one-nighters they could have with all those other biblically married people!


  4. I thought a Biblical marriage involved the woman getting pregnant by an “angel” and getting some blue collar guy to marry you and help raise the kid. AND, you claim the kid was born on Christmas, not his/her real birth date.

    Now, there is the Book of Heath where a miracle child attempted to be born in Texas, and Our Lady of Screaming Word Salad traveled from the far south of North America all the way to the northern territory to give birth in an isolated place.


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