For Donald Trump It Was Never About the Stupid Economy

In 1992 James Carville, an aide at the time to Bill Clinton, made famous the statement: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Although many of us would like to believe that John McCain lost the 2008 election because of the choice of Sarah Palin, it was probably his utter failure to embrace the economic crisis facing the country that caused him to lose the election.


In 2012 when Obama ran for reelection, the outcome seemed to be the result of the public’s perception of the strength of the economy, and whether the country was on the path to economic recovery.

The American public seems to have lost its focus for the 2016 election.  Or perhaps voters have adopted a more elementary approach to their choice of candidates?  Perhaps the idea is that if they elect a really rich guy to run the country, they too will become rich.  Donald Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” means that he will make anyone voting for him “great again”.  The not-so-subtle message is that the way to wealth is to elect him and he’ll do the hard work necessary to make every American wealthy like him.  Trump is a celebrity.  Americans haven’t fallen in love with the Donald, but with the character he portrays.  Trump’s biggest supporters are poor, white, males.  They aren’t supporting Trump because they believe in his tax policy or his stance on abortion.  They aren’t focused on improvement in education in America, global warming, civil rights, or foreign policy.  They aren’t worried about advancement of women.  They are impressed with a man who can surround himself with beautiful women.

trump beauty twotrump beauty onetrump beauty contestants

The Republican Platform has traditionally focused on a conservative approach to economic security.  The Republican platform demands smaller government, lower taxes, and reduction of the national debt.  Yet Trump’s proposed policies are guaranteed to put the country so far in debt we’d never recover.  He proposes a reduction in the taxes paid by the wealthiest Americans from 39.6% to  25%.  Fact checking economists indicate that Trump’s plan would reduce revenues to the federal government by more than 10 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years.  The current national debt is 19 Trillion dollars, so a Trump presidency would result in a national disaster for America, even if spending remained the same.  But of course spending under a Donald Trump presidency would never remain the same.  Consider the single cost of building a border wall which is estimated to cost  $17,073,806,000.  Overall Trump’s policies are estimated to add $12.1 trillion to the debt. This is the result of $9.3 trillion in tax cuts, $0.55 trillion in additional health care costs, $0.5 trillion in VA reforms, and $1.75 trillion of interest costs. As a result, debt would rise from 74 percent of GDP at the end of last year to 129 percent of GDP in 2026 – 43 percentage points higher than current projections.

Thus the economic impact of a Trump presidency would surely result in a national disaster, from which we would never recover.  Couple that with the fact that he is a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and megalomaniac, and it is hard to imagine why anyone would support Donald Trump for President.  Trump seems to rely on filing bankruptcy for solve his personal financial problems, but filing bankruptcy is not an option for the United States of America.


trump bankruptcy

Mr. Trump’s white working-class supporters are “clearly voting against a party leadership that pays them lip service while ignoring their concerns” — a revulsion that will not disappear even if Mr. Trump does.

If there is one sure way to make America “Great Again” it is through economic prosperity.  A Donald Trump presidency is the antithesis of economic security for our country.


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  1. The Republicans are getting their pockets picked by a RINO. Trump’s production of “The Candidates” (knockoff of The Producers) is going to reveal the insanity of our campaign financing laws and corporate personhood. Trump had Palin on board for one reason, to learn how to run the scam.
    Palin has been scamming the campaign finance system for 8 years. As a VP candidate she pulled in hundreds of thousands in free money. As a headliner, Trump realized he can pull in half a billion or more on a losing campaign, then billions more teasing about a 2020 run.
    Trump has a campaign, but it’s not for the white House. He wants to go after the Jews running the media. The money from politics will fund his purchase of a major network. All the suckers he hustles are paying for it. U.S. campaign financing laws set the stage for this shell game by ignoring Sarah Palin’s scam.
    Follow the money.


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