Stephen Colbert’s Get Well Message to Sarah Palin

palin injured


Stephen Colbert was inspired to wish Sarah good wishes for her head injury.  He didn’t have any better understanding of SArah’s message than I did.    His compassionate message is a message to all about Sarah Palin:

7 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert’s Get Well Message to Sarah Palin

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  1. What about her more obvious out-of-control gash – the one between her legs? It’s been the elephant in the kitchen for her 52 years on this planet.


  2. Love Colbert. His timing/ delivery is as smart as his comedy. (“Speaking of fake politicians, Sarah Palin…”)

    So glad to see him be unrelenting about Palin whose word-salads continue to stymy all of us. His imitation is spot-on!

    He’s the only funny person in 2016!


  3. Malia – Good one! This was the best one Colbert has done since he did the skit on the rocking horse making fun of Sarah’s Paul Revere story! LOL


  4. Malia,
    It’s unbelievable that Sarah hasn’t said one word about Ann Coulter’s DISGUSTING “RETARD” comments and thoughts directed at down syndrome and disabled people and children.


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